UCA to Join Asian American Communities in Honoring Heroes

UCA to Join Asian American Communities on June 22nd, in Houston, Texas

In Honoring Heroes in the Midland Hate Crime and Host a Webinar on Anti-Racism Movements

On June 23rd, 1982, Chinese American Vincent Chin died in Detroit, Michigan after being attacked and fatally beaten by two white autoworkers for looking like Japanese, at a time of rising anti-Japanese and anti-Asian racial tension. Vincent Chin’s death has become a crucial turning point in Asian American history and civil rights movement led by Lily Chin, Vincent’s mother, who stood up courageously for her son’s justice.

In March 2020, 38 years later, a Burmese family Cung, was mistaken to be ‘Chinese infecting people with Coronavirus’ and was attacked at a local Sam’s Club store in Midland, TX. The family’s two children, ages 2 and 6, along with the father, were badly wounded by knife cuts, some were even left on the face

Two months later, George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis by a white policeman. His death and the recent killing of innocent African Americans, have fueled the rage of the community, already distressed disproportionally in the COVID-19 pandemics. The tragedies continue to rip the country apart and generated national and international outcries against systematic racism and institutional discrimination in the US against people of color.

UCA and many Asian American organizations have come out firmly and clearly immediately after George Floyd’s death, condemning such brutality and crimes. We stand up together with our brothers and sisters who have been tormented by the dark side of American’s history. We are here to unite with the vulnerable communities and to ask for the continuous push for racial justice and social progress in this country.

On June 22nd, 2020, the 38 anniversary of Vincint Chin’s death, UCA is joining Asian American communities and anti-hate-crime anti-racism organizations to host an award ceremony and an advocacy event in commemorating this historical moment. We invite all community members to join us on these special occasions to honor the Midland heroes and to participate in the community dialogue on how we can move forward from this point on.

The event details from Houston Chinese Community Center are here: https://ccchouston.org/advocacy-award/

The donation to the victim family can be continuously made here: https://www.memberplanet.com//campaign/united-chinese-americans/general_giving_158_1_1

Lily and Vincent Chin Advocacy

Award Ceremony

Monday, June 22 at 10:30 a.m. CST

Two Midland, Texas heroes, Zach Owen and Bernie Ramirez, who intervened in a violent anti-Asian stabbing of the Cung Family, a Burmese father and his two young sons, will receive the Lily and Vincent Chin Advocacy Award* on Monday, June 22 at 10:30 am CST at the Chinese Community Center in Houston, TX.  Despite injuries to his leg and hand, Zach Owen, with the help of Bernie Ramirez, disarmed and subdued the attacker until the police arrived. Labeled a “hate crime”, the suspect said he thought the family was Chinese and spreading the coronavirus.

The award ceremony is organized by Asian American organizations including those in the Asian American Salute Front Heroes campaign Houston, UCA, and sponsored by many other local and national organizations. UCA will present a donation to the Cung Family to support the medical expenses for future surgeries and challenges the 2 and 6 year-old children may face due to the attack.

To watch the event live, please join by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opm1Lbx9pdc.

The donation can be continuously made here: https://www.memberplanet.com//campaign/united-chinese-americans/general_giving_158_1_1

Please email steven.pei@ucausa.org for questions or comments on the donation and award ceremony.

From Vincent Chin to George Floyd:

A Panel Discussion

Monday, June 22 at 7:00 p.m. CST

A panel discussion will be held virtually via Zoom on the evening of Monday, June 22 at 7:00 pm CST, discussing the 38th anniversary of the brutal killing of Vincent Chin and the recent killing of George Floyd.  Both deaths created and sustained a major movement to oppose racial hate and discrimination.

Please register the zoom meeting ahead of time at: https://form.jotform.com/201684865046057 , and email steven.pei@ucausa.org for questions or comments on this panel discussion.

“From Vincent Chin to George Floyd” will feature:


Gordon Quan

Attorney and former Houston Council member


Helen Zia

An award-winning journalist and community activist who has covered Asian American communities and social and political movements for many years. She is a founder in the movement for justice for Vincent Chin and is outspoken voice for human rights.

Zach Owen

Recipient of the Lily and Vincent Chin Advocacy Award* for risking his life to save the Burmese family from hate crime committed at Midland, TX on March 14, 2020.

Reagan Hognojos

Friend of the Cung family.

Mark Touban

Attorney and serves as the Regional Director for the ADL’s Southwest Regional Office in Houston, Texas.

Cherry Steinwender

Co-Executive Director and co-founder of the Center for the Healing of Racism.

Annie Tan

Special education teacher and storyteller in New York’s Chinatown.  She has been a fighter for public education, unions, tenants and Asian American rights.  She is a cousin of the late Vincent Chin.

*AASFH has been authorized by the Estate of the Chin family to use the name “Lily and Vincent Chin Advocacy Award” for this special recognition of two Frontline Heroes on June 22, 2020. Photos used with permission (c) All rights reserved.

UCA Student Scholarship on Racial Justice

“From Vincent Chin to George Floyd” in 2020 Summer Semester 

UCA is announcing a student scholarship to be awarded to Chinese American students who are actively engaged in fighting against racism and hate crimes, and propel the progress towards civil rights protection and racial justice. The summer 2020 scholarship to honor the “From Vincent Chin to George Floyd” event will be given to a high school student led project in the amount of $1000 and to a college student led project in the amount of $1000.

The winners will be invited to a UCA national forum to discuss their work, and present their essays and materials. Content of their projects including the essays, media, and presentations will be promoted on UCA website and social media channels

Projects will need to commence after June 22nd, 2020, and last throughout summer 2020. The scholarship application must be submitted by 11:59 PM August 31st, 2020. The winners will be announced by September 22nd, 2020, selected by a panel of judges of UCA.

Please visit the scholarship announcement page for more details. Please email UCA board members, Helen Shih, or Jinliang Cai, for questions and comments: helenshihuca@gmail.com, jlcai@yahoo.com 

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Beach Cleaning in Southern California

Chinese community in Irvine, CA, responded to UCA’s call for service, and cleaned up the beaches with other volunteers.   Author: Steven Chen 2017年元宵节,美国南加州尔湾市的华人响应UCA(Unite Chinese Americans)鼓励华人服务社区的号召,参与了海滩清洁工作。他们与各族裔的志愿者一起呵护共同的家园,同时也为华人塑造了良好的形象。 加州以其美丽的海滩而自豪,每到周末,家人,情侣,朋友都喜欢在那里度过美好的时光。但是,您可知道是谁在年复一年地保持着海滩的清洁? ​美国人整体素质不错,但每天还是会留下一些垃圾,大雨也可能把杂物通过排水渠冲到海边。这些垃圾不但破坏了海滩的美丽,也危害海鸟鱼类等生物。很多危害物小如细石, 无法用机器去除,只能靠人细心清除。由于政府无法承担高昂的人工费,清理海滩的任务就落到了无数的志愿者身上,来自各个族裔的志愿者们任劳任怨地维护着我们美丽的海滩。 ​这个月的海滩清洁日正好是元宵节,尔湾市的十几位华人参与了这一义工活动。我们当中有白发苍苍的老者,有朝气蓬勃的年轻人,还有活泼可爱的学童,形成了一道亮丽的风景线。一大清早,我们来到了刮着清冽寒风的海边,空旷的沙滩上尚未看见任何游客。我们认真地在礁石旁,沙滩上,海草中寻找各种杂物,塑料瓶盖,玩具碎片,包装废纸,尼龙绳,烟蒂,打火机等等都是我们的战利品,由于前几天的大雨,一些废弃轮胎也被冲到了海滩。通过三个多小时的努力,我们与其他两百多位志愿者一起清除了几十大袋垃圾,一片美丽干净的海滩已经做好了迎接周末人潮的准备。 ​通过参加清洁海滩活动,大人和孩子都认识到保护环境的重要性,懂得了人与自然要和谐相处,我们一个小小的举动就可以拯救很多生物。在志愿活动中,我们也有机会与各个族裔的志愿者交流,让大家知道华人也热爱这个家,也在为这个国家无私奉献。 清洁海滩只是美国无数公益活动中的一个,美国有更多的志愿者,他们在很多地方做着平凡而有意义的事,美国华人也不例外。 我们是这片土地的主人,让我们一起呵护这个家。

Lunar New Year Initiatives

Make it a festival for everyone!

We Chinese should treasure and maintain the tradition of Lunar New Years and invite as many people as possible to enjoy the Jiaozi Parties together. Here’s a sneak peek at invites and galleries of this years’ Jiaozi Parties. Scroll down for the call for action! Jiaozi Fest Invite

Concert Program Cover Page

Lunar New Year Concert

Fair Program


Click to enter each gallery page



Making Jiaozi


Learning Chinese Calligraphy

Palo Alto




Hulusi Ensemble

New Jersey


San Francisco





鉴于上述种种考量,我们做出了如下有关北美华人如何能更有意义、更为精彩地庆祝春节的三项倡议: 首先,也是最为重要的,倡议各地华人把庆贺春节与慈善公益相结合,开启华人慈善公益运动的风气,并建议华人社区今后把回馈社会等善举尽量多地集中到春节前后这一个月,以改进华人形象,增强华人整体影响力;这即符合古老的中华文化的传统,也符合美国社会的期望; 第二,坚持大年三十阖家团圆,吃年饭并守岁,并在春节初一或其他日子以美国Open House的开放好客精神,邀请亲朋邻里,举办可以在现场传授给下一代“包饺子手艺”的饺子春宴,并在现场向下一代传授独特的春节艺术,比如剪墙纸,写春联,欣赏春节传统音乐等; 最后,鼓励所有华人春节放假一天;鼓励华人穿一天自己认可的传统或民族服装;并鼓励华人利用春节的喜庆心情和慈善时节,向其他美国人,尤其是向较为贫困的美国人发放“慈善红包”,使我们这一古老的祝福形式在美利坚大地上获得新的生命和使命。

可以说,没有一个像样的春节,就很难有一个像样的美国华人社会。不仅如此,过好春节,对华人在美国社会能生根开花,使美国文化更能百花齐放均意义重大。 在北美这个多民族大熔炉里,我们常常会羡慕其他民族尚保持着完好和独特的文化传统,并感叹我们自身的不足。古语说的好,“坐而言不如起而行”。我们守着深厚而又丰富的春节文化传统,为什么我们不能从二零一七年起,从北美华人做起,好好维护,创新,和承传我们的春节? 春节既是我们必须守住的最后一条中华文化和传统的防线,它更是一面团结和引领华人的旗帜。 祝愿美国华人从二零一七年开始过上一个古老而又崭新的春节!



  • 美国华人全国委员会(UCA)
  • 美中商会 (US China Chamber)
  • 中国旅美科技协会(CAST)
  • 美国中餐联盟(ACCF)
  • 全美中医药协会(ATCMA)