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Dear all UCA 2022 Convention Participants and Friends,

The 3rd Chinese American Convention and the Inaugural UCA National Youth Convention, held from July 14 to 16th in Washington D.C., together successfully attracted over 650+ participants including 250+ youth participants from 40+ states . The convention offered 34 program sessions including congressional visits & reception, displayed 60 community showcase projects, and held 21 roundtable discussion groups.

It symbolizes the rise of a new generation of Chinese Americans and the aspiration of a civically engaged community for the full participation in American life. Heartfelt thanks to our donors and sponsors for your generous support, to more than 80 convention volunteers and staff for your tireless hard work day and night, and to all the convention participants from near or far, coast to coast, because you all made this community event truly remarkable!

Our theme for this year’s conventions is to build a civically engaged community. We heard inspirational speeches from our congressional representatives including Judy Chu, Grace Meng, Andy Kim, Raja Kristhamothi, and Jamie Raskin. We heard the heroic story from Prof. Anming Hu and those involved from Knoxville, TN on how they defeated the DOJ’s first trial under the China Initiative. We learned how the US-China competition will impact the well-being of our community at this moment and in the future. We learned how to save our children’s lives by increasing knowledge of and decreasing stigma on AAPI mental health, and by fostering intergenerational relations and conversations. We discussed how to engage state legislatures to include AAPI history in K-12 education in our efforts to fight anti-Asian hate. We exchanged our lived experiences in showcasing our community and AAPI youth organization projects. We celebrated our achievements at the fun-filled gala with more than 500 people in attendance. We launched our first youth convention and were impressed by the passion, talent, and pride in our next generation.

To continue this hard work will be a daunting task, which requires a great commitment from our community. UCA is willing and uniquely positioned to fulfill this historic leadership role because of the passion and dedication of so many people like you. Our commitment to carrying the inspirations and dreams of our community makes us larger than ourselves. This is why UCA is perhaps the fastest growing, the most energetic, and the most passionate grassroots Chinese American organization. Click here to watch UCA Milestones.

Would you like to be part of this civic movement and invest in our next generation? We need you, and humbly ask you to join the UCA family and support UCA anyway you can. If you are a member of an existing Chinese organization, please ask your organization to become one of our partners to amplify our impact and voice. Our strength is in our numbers. It is the fastest way for UCA to become a truly national organization to serve all the Chinese Americans.

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Our Convention program book is available now, click here.

Please kindly fill-out this post-convention survey:, feedbacks from the convention participants are much needed and will be deeply appreciated.

UCA (United Chinese Americans)


July 14, 2022

I send my warmest greetings to all those gathered for the 2022 Chinese American Convention and United Chinese Americans National Youth Convention.

The tireless work of civil society and organizations like yours is a daily reminder of how, here in America, we see one another, we hear one another, and we strive to take care of one another. Our country faces many challenges, but with your work and our uniquely American outlook restless, bold, and optimistic—there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.

As you recognize the fifth anniversary of United Chinese Americans, may you be filled with pride in all the progress you have achieved, and may you continue to embody our Nation’s spirit of service.


Our Mission

United Chinese Americans (UCA) is a nationwide nonprofit and nonpartisan federation and civic movement, inspired and dedicated to enriching and empowering Chinese American communities through civic engagement, political participation, heritage sharing, youth development and a greater understanding between the people of the United States and China for the well-being of all Americans and this world.

UCA Milestones 2016-2022

Area of Focus

Civic Engagement and Political Participation

UCA has been a national leader in making sure Chinese American community fully participate in American civic and political life, actively engage in public policy making and debate, and unequivocally demand that they be treated as equals.

Next Generation

To help build a pipeline to nurture future Asian American leaders, UCA created a series of programs to foster leadership, including: Summer Civic Leadership Internship, UCA Summer University, and UCA Youth Convention.

Chinese American Culture and Identity

UCA believes only when Chinese Americans fully explore and appreciate the unique identity and roots of Chinese American way of life could they fully enjoy their confident and spiritually rewarding American life in this multi-ethnic democracy of ours.

Mental Health and Emotional Well-being

Due to a unique set of familial, cultural, and societal factors, mental health issues among Asian American youth are on the rise but have received little attention. Working with local community organizations and a team of experts and counselors, UCA WAVES addresses this urgent need by creating culturally-informed programs to raise awareness and provide knowledge of mental health concerns.


UCA 2022 Convention Promo (Long Version)

Official UCA 2022 Convention Promo (2:50 version)

Silent War Trailer

This is the trailer of a full-length documentary on mental health in the Asian American community. 

UCA Press Conference for Victims of DOJ’s China Initiative

UCA Press Conference on the DOJ China Initiative. Victims and their families share their stories and experiences.

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