WAVES Programs

Asian Parents American Children Conferences and Webinar Series

In 2021, over 1,300 people attended five webinars we organized, and over 840 people located in all 50 states watched the recordings of the webinars. 

Amidst a rise of anti-Asian hate during the pandemic, we organized educational webinars, including a Self-Defense and Empowerment training and an Op-Ed writing workshop titled “Silent No More: We Rise Up and Write Up.” We supported the “One Book One World” book donation drive to Chicago public schools to promote awareness about Asian American history and narratives among children at an early age. The Youth Mental Health webinars conducted in 2020 drew over 3,000 participants from 40-plus states, and close to 90% were parents.

Since 2016, WAVES has served thousands of community members in the U.S. and abroad through “Asian Parents American Children,” a free, open series of mental health educational seminars. Youth Mental Health education sessions were offered at the 2016 and 2018 Chinese American Conventions.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training

In 2021, the UCA WAVES Program (WAVES) sponsored the training of four Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) instructors, including the UCA WAVES leadership team members and the parent and youth ambassador leaders. WAVES conducted four in-person Mental Health First Aid training sessions in North Carolina in 2021. We are currently planning a pilot virtual MHFA training session in which the new UCA instructors will be the instructors for our community in the January 2022 pilot training session.

Youth Ambassadors

Currently, the Youth Ambassadors are focusing their energies on WAVES’ upcoming monthly webinars. See UCA’s upcoming events at https://ucausa.org/training-and-events/.

The Youth Ambassadors are advised by the UCA/RWJF Clinical Scholars, who provide mentoring and guidance regarding program development. In the future, the team hopes to initiate peer support groups, a series of online meetings to create a space for open, interactive, and empathic peer-to-peer engagement.

You can sign up to become an ambassador here (Sign Up) or learn more about us here (About Youth Ambassador Program).

Parent Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

WAVES will soon host peer-to-peer support groups for parents, with four goals: to 1) provide a safe space to share knowledge and experiences of youth mental health; 2) provide emotional support among the participants; 3) build a community of practices for effective parent-child communications, and; 4) help develop, pilot, evaluate, and disseminate Clinical Scholars educational toolkits to achieve the overarching goal of increasing Mental Health knowledge and decreasing stigma in the Chinese American community.

We are currently recruiting organizers for the Parent Peer Support Groups. Guided by our expert team of UCA/RWJF Clinical Scholars, parent peer group leaders will facilitate regular meetings. Stay tuned for more planning updates and invitations to join!

Parent Peer Support Group Needs Assessment preliminary results are now available , if you are interested please contact waves@ucausa.org.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Clinical Scholar Programs
Breaking Silences in the Model Minority: A national intervention to increase mental health awareness and decrease stigma in Asian immigrant families

Announcement: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar Programs

UCA is proud to announce members of its Youth Mental Health Initiative have been selected to participate in the 2020-2023 cohort of Clinical Scholar Fellows, part of the RWJF Leadership Program

UCA WAVES Received fundings from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar for “Breaking Silences in the Model Minority: A national intervention to increase mental health awareness and decrease stigma in Asian immigrant families.” Check out the project description here.

Nursing Student Peer Mentoring Program "Talk Space"

Working with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) – North Carolina Central University (NCCU), Talk Space student mentors are trained with group facilitation skills, mental health first aid,  self care, and trauma informed care among other topics. The program was featured in local WRAL news here. Students and faculty advisors held movie “Wake Up” screening, are creating public service announcements (PSAs), and helped organize with WAVES ambassadors for events in November 2021. Please see the program video description here.