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  1. There is an ” End of Summer Sale ” for the registration on the Agenda for $385.00 per person. May be the reason why UCA does that is for attracting more attendees for the convention. But somehow if the registration fee of the ” End of Summer Sale ” is more economy then the Early Bird Special ( $400 per person ) back tin August. It is extremely unfair for the early participants who joined the convention totally based on faith of UCA since the Agenda was not totally completed with detailed information back then.

    Integrity is very important for an organization, particular for a new one. UCA should refunds the $15.00 back to each Early Bird attendee to avoid injustice and bad impression from the participants and publicity.

  2. I am a researcher on Sino US relations,We are committed to the friendly relations between China and the United States,Promoting popular feelings,Very interested in the conference,Can I attend the meeting?

  3. Dear All,

    We, Chinese American Equalization Associations want to corporate or partner with your team. And, we can teammates supporting another national team.

    Thank you

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