WAVES – Wellness. Advocacy. Voices. Education. Support.

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Wellness. Advocacy. Voices. Education. Support

Youth mental health is one of the most urgent issues for the Chinese American community members today. Stigma against mental illness, social isolation, cultural expectations, identity issues, low mental health literacy, and lack of available Chinese-speaking or culturally sensitive mental health professionals – all of these factors contribute to the problem. Chinese/Asian American youth are suffering “silently” with mental illness and emotional stress. We are here to stand together and work towards Wellness, Advocacy, Voices, Education, and Support (WAVES).


A Supportive and Engaging Community that Fosters Healthy and Holistic Development of Our Youths


  • Raise awareness of the mental health challenges that young Asian Americans face due to familial, cultural, and societal factors
  • Develop community support and resources for youth mental health
  • Promote cultural sensitivity to psychological well-being and responses
  • Encourage civic engagement in public policies to address mental health issues