UCA-IL Meeting with City of Aurora Mayor

UCA-IL Meeting with City of Aurora Mayor

On Jan 7, UCA IL president Lily Chen and Vice President Ren Li, along with Judy Ni and Crystal Zheng of Pacific Square, met with City of Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin and staff on holding Jiaozi fest 2020 (click to register)

The City of Aurora is our honored co-organizer along with Pacific Square. UCA IL was invited to do a presentation on Jan 28 at City of Aurora Council meeting about our organization and programs. They collaborated with the city for 2019 summer internship, a music program, and are looking forward to many more in the future.

UCA IL was invited by Naperville NCTV 17 station to have an interview sharing about our organizations (it will be previewed Feb 1). Thanks for Naperville NCTV 17 for the opportunity and great partnership to built strong communities.

It was great meeting our state representative Theresa Mah, DCFS’s Chief for Asian American Affairs Marjorie Moore, and CBCAC’s founder CW Chan in Chinatown. They discussed about census 2020, civic engagement, and how to help and support each other to better advance community agenda by working TOGETHER.

Marjorie Moore shared with us about DCFS’s foster parent program and hope to have our community families consider being foster parents as there are Chinese speaking children in need of foster homes . Please contact Marjorie at Marjorie.Moore@illinois.gov if you have any questions.