Press Release on COVID-19

United Chinese Americans (UCA), a national coalition of Chinese Americans in more than 30 states, calls on the American news media, public figures and the American public to refrain from using terms such as “China virus,” “Chinese virus,” “Wuhan virus,” or “Asian virus” to describe the new coronavirus, COVID-19. Such terms often misinform and misguide the public in the fight against this virus, and could lead to bigotry, inflame hatred and even incite violence against Chinese and Asian Americans, as has already been widely reported. … Continue Reading >Press Release on COVID-19

UCA Replies to Jewish Community

The current racist challenge the Chinese American community is facing has become more wide-spreading than the notorious coronavirus, and Jewish American community has been alert to this situation and expressed sympathy. The Jewish Council of Public Affairs (JCPA) released a letter of solidarity, jointly issued by 75 organizations, to the Chinese community against the plague. Today, UCA issued a formal response expressing heartfelt gratitude and looking forward for unity. … Continue Reading >UCA Replies to Jewish Community