Creativity Against COVID-19

“Creativity against COVID-19” Young Creative Artists Contest

In conjunction with multiple partners, UCA is co-organizing an art contest to help illustrate and promote our beloved Tracy’s Guide COVID-19 educational series for families.


  • Grand Prize: $1500 cash + award certificate, 1 winner
  • Second Prize: $500 cash + award certificate, 8 winners
  • Third Prize: $250 cash + award certificate, 16 winners
  • Best Teamwork Prize: $600 cash  + award certificates, 5 winner
  • “My Favorite” Prize: $100 Amazon gift cards + award certificate, 60 winners

Ages 6-18, team encouraged! Artwork must be in the forms of picture, video, animation or other digital format with story based on the content from “COVID-19: Tracy’s Guide for Families“.

Artwork should be posted online with a social media platform viewable to the public. Artwork must be submitted online via Google forms:


  • The contest opens to K-12 students age from 6 to 18. Teamwork is encouraged. Appropriate proof of age may be asked by the organizers. Parent/guardian permission is needed for students under age 13 to enter the contest. 
  • The purpose of the contest is to encourage K-12 students in America to learn and share the essential knowledge about COVID-19 and how to protect individuals and their family members from infection of coronavirus.  Use of social media is an important requirement of the contest. Participants are expected to post their work on social media to generate viewership. Viewership of the artwork on social media (a measurement of how popular it is) will be considered in winner selection. 
  • Artwork must be in the forms of picture, video, animation or other multi-media format with a story based on the content from “COVID-19: Tracy’s Guide for Families”. It should be posted online and is viewable to the public. Participants should submit the URL to us by the end of June 15, 2020 (Monday). 
  • The entry artwork must be original and may not violate U.S. copyright laws. Any entry that has been copied from an existing photo, image (including a painting, graphic, or advertisement) or video that was created by someone other than the student is a violation of the competition rules and will not be accepted. 
  • Entries to the competition of participants under age 13 should be supervised by parents/guardians.

Artwork should be submitted online at: The entry form asks for the following information:
Participant’s name, age, school, contact information, URL of the artwork, and a short essay on what you want to achieve through your artwork (no more than 500 words). 

For any participant under 13 years old, artwork must be submitted by a parent/guardian of the participant. 

Submitted artworks will be reviewed by a selection committee. Committee members are appointed by United Chinese Americans and Xing Memorial Fund. The committee members will evaluate the artworks by the following categories:

  1. Content (story must be based on content from “COVID-19: Tracy’s Guide for Families”)
  2. Quality (rating based on age group)
  3. Creativity/Imagination (rating based on age group)
  4. Popularity (based on viewership on social media)

The names of the prize winners will be announced before the end of June 2020 and the winners’ prizes and certificates will be mailed out to the winners at the same time. All participants of the contest will receive participation certificates. Top 3 prize winners will have the opportunity to present their artworks in the next United Chinese Americans (UCA) Convention.

Please write to if you have any questions.

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Advisory committee: 
Lily Lee Chen陈李婉若、Dr. Cun-Yu Wang王存玉院士、Haipei Shue薛海培、Dr. Hui Su苏慧、Joy Chen陈愉、Xiaodong Zeng曾晓东、Mingdi Yang杨鸣镝、Hei Feng黑峰、Steve Chiang江启光、Yue Rong容跃、Liam Li李黎、Joey Zhou周宇
Winner selection committee: 
Lily Lee Chen陈李婉若、Dr. Cun-Yu Wang王存玉院士、Haipei Shue薛海培、Joy Chen陈愉、Xiaodong Zeng曾晓东、Mingdi Yang杨鸣镝、Hei Feng黑峰、Steve Chiang江启光、Yue Rong容跃、Liam Li李黎、Ying Zhan战颖、Jun Sun孙军、Tao Jiang姜涛、Sun Liu刘隼、Xi Zhang张西、Dr. Helen Shih施慧伦、Lily Chen陈健、Jian Ruan阮健、Dr. Jingyi Xi席静怡
Organizers: United Chinese AmericansChinese American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California & Xing Memorial Fund Sponsors:

Himalaya CapitalChinese CEO OrganizationC2 Education
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Chinese University of Alumni Association Alliance of Southern CaliforniaPeking University Alumni Association of Washington StateAsian Culture and Education Society USA
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