Happy Thanksgiving To You and Yours!

Dear UCA Family and Friends,

Thanksgiving holiday always has a special place in the hearts of UCA family, because we have so much to be thankful for.

Whether it is the record-breaking 2022 Chinese American Convention, or our first Chinese American Youth Convention, or the downfall of the China Initiative, or our continued fight for fair treatment of Anming Hu, Feng Tao and many other Chinese American scientists; or the latest exciting news that Sherry Chen finally won a historic settlement with the Federal government, a rare milestone, or the welcoming of new UCA-Arizona chapter and UCA Southwest Florida chapter, or the fast expanding of our WAVES program across the country, or the successful launching of UCA Community Fund, or the establishment of UCA Action and UCA PAC, two powerful tools allowing our community to engage deeper in the political process, your abundant support for and belief in UCA and its vision have sustained and lifted us all.

We achieved so much together in 2022 by following our motto of serve, lead, inspire. We are working hard for another bumper year of harvest, so to speak, in 2023. At UCA, we are a close knit family of great friends thankful for the lasting friendship. Let us make history together, again! Join UCA by becoming a member or renewing your membership https://ucausa.org/join-uca/, or by planning a year-end gift of donation to UCA https://ucausa.org/uca-2022-holiday-fundraising/.

Although we cannot gather in person for this holiday, we are connecting and embracing each other in spirit and prayers!

Thank you, the amazing UCA family and friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Warmly yours,
The UCA Team



无论是创纪录的2022年UCA美国华人大会,还是我们的首届全美华人青年大会;无论是挫败美国司法部的“中国倡议”,还是UCA WAVES项目在全国范围内的快速扩张; 无论是陈霞芬最终与联邦政府达成历史性和解的里程碑,还是UCA为华裔科学家诸如为胡安明和陶丰教授等争取公平对待的不懈努力;无论是欢迎亚利桑那分会和西南佛罗里达分会的成立,还是UCA社区基金会的成功启动;或者是UCA Action和UCA PAC这两个让华人社区更深入参与美国政治进程的有力工具的创立;你们对UCA及其愿景的帮助和信任,都支持和鼓舞了我们所有人。








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