UCA Community Fund Announced Award of Microgrants to Three Community Projects | UCA社区基金公布第三批小额赠款项目

UCA Community Fund (UCACF) announced today three recipients of its microgrants approved in October and November 2022. They were:

1. The “Books 4 Cultural Competence” program proposed by East West Alliance for Education and Health based in Seattle, WA.

2. Short Movie “The Battle for Chinese American Voters” project proposed by UCA MA.

3. The “Culture Bridge” project proposed by the Chinese American Association of Lexington, MA.

Books 4 Cultural Competence

The “Books 4 Cultural Competence” (B4CC)* is the flagship program of East West Alliance for Education and Health that aims to improve cultural competence by strengthening self-awareness, awareness of others, cultural knowledge, and cross-cultural skills in K-12 communities (composed of students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders).

As part of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month (May 1-31) in 2021, B4CC collaborated with sister non-profit organization One Book One World** and launched their book drive initiative in the state of Washington to donate books about Asian cultures to K-12 classrooms and libraries in the greater Seattle area. Since then, they have implemented two rounds of donation pilots while establishing partnerships with over 20 schools across four school districts. More information about the project can be found on B4CC homepage: http://mandarinplayground.weebly.com/books-4-cultural-competence.html

The Battle for Chinese American Voters

“The Battle for Chinese American Voters” is a movie that aims to wake up the Chinese American communities to vote and fight for their rights. The battle started in 1902, when George Frisbie Hoar, the only senator voted “No” for the unlimited extension of the Chinese Exclusion Act. Over a century, the power of Chinese Americans has grown but still far away from enough. This movie will dig deeper into the reasons that barricade Chinese American voters over the years and encourage more Chinese Americans to vote. The movie will also introduce more about the upcoming elections, with the ballots in Chinese to help voters to understand that this will be a great opportunity to vote for the life we prefer.

Cultural Bridge

“Cultural Bridge” is a community volunteer project initiated, organized, and led by young people. The project will promote youth leadership as it will be directed, designed, and implemented by a team of high school students. The project aims to improve understanding of Chinese culture through two cultural activities that will coincide with prominent Asian celebrations. For the Spring Festival Gala in January 2023, the student team will organize and perform a Han-style costume show that will introduce Han-style costumes and feature the evolution of Han costumes through the many dynasties of China. For AAPI Heritage Month in May 2023, the team will introduce Chinese tea culture at an event that is open to the community.

We welcome more local Chinese American community organizations to apply for our grants. To apply, an applicant organization simply needs to visit our website at ucacf.org to fill up and submit an online grant application form.

The applicant project should meet the following criteria:

  1. The objective of the project must be well aligned with UCA’s mission.
  2. It should be a charitable startup project.
  3. It should have an established project management team.
  4. It should be unique and creative.
  5. It should have the potential for significant and broad social impacts.

For more information about the grant eligibility criteria and grant application requirements, please visit https://ucacf.org/.


UCACF is a new initiative launched by UCA to help local Chinese American community organizations to raise funds for startup charitable projects and programs, addressing the long-time challenges of small and medium-sized local community organizations in fundraising for their projects and activities. UCACF’s mission is to provide microgrant ($500 to $5,000) of seed funds to startup community projects aiming to enrich and empower Chinese American communities through civic engagement, education, heritage sharing, youth development and a greater understanding between the people of the United States and China.

UCACF works like an “angel fund” for nonprofit causes. We accept grant applications online and adopt a simple-and-fast application review and approval process. Our Grant Review Committee meets monthly to review applications submitted during the period and make grant decisions. It takes less than two months for an applicant to receive the grant.

The UCACF organization comprises four teams of volunteers, the Board of Trustees, the Grant Review Committee, the Executive Committee and the Board of Advisors. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance and fundraising of UCACF, the Grant Review Committee is responsible for the review and approval of grant applications and the Executive Committee is responsible for grant application collection and validation, grant issuing, and follow-up.

Since the “test launch” of UCACF’s website in July, we have received more than 20 applications. We welcome more local Chinese American community organizations to submit applications.
UCACF is still in the “test run”. We are looking for more volunteers to join us. We welcome feedback and suggestions. Please contact us at ucacommunityfund@gmail.com or visit our website for more information.

About United Chinese Americans

The United Chinese Americans (UCA) is a coalition of grass-root community organizations dedicated to the enrichment and empowerment of the Chinese American community in the United States. UCA was formed at the first Chinese American Convention in September 2016 and was later incorporated and received IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2017. UCA has since grown into a national federation of 12 local chapters in Atlanta, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Washington State, West Virginia, Wisconsin, New York City, San Francisco, and over 30 community partners nationwide.

10月,UCA社区基金(UCA Community Fund, UCACF)公布第三批小额赠款项目, 共三个项目。它们分别是:

1. The “Books 4 Cultural Competence” program proposed by East West Alliance for Education and Health based in Seattle, WA.

2. Short Movie “The Battle for Chinese American Voters” project proposed by UCA MA.

3. The “Culture Bridge” project proposed by the Chinese American Association of Lexington, MA.

Books 4 Cultural Competence项目

Books 4 Cultural Competence(B4CC)是东西方教育与健康联盟的旗舰项目,旨在通过加强K-12社区(由学生、教师、家长和其他利益相关者组成)的自我意识、对他人的认识、文化知识和跨文化技能,提高文化能力。

作为2021年亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民(AAPI)传统月(5月1日至31日)的一部分,B4CC与姐妹非营利组织 “一本书一个世界 “合作,在华盛顿州发起图书捐赠活动,向大西雅图地区的K-12教室和图书馆捐赠有关亚洲文化的书籍。从那时起,他们已经实施了两轮捐赠试点,同时与四个学区的20多所学校建立了伙伴关系。有关该项目的更多信息可在B4CC主页上找到:

"The Battle for Chinese American Voters"电影项目

“美国华人选民之战 “是一部旨在唤醒美国华人社区投票和争取权利的电影。这场战斗始于1902年,当时唯一的参议员乔治-弗里斯比-胡尔对无限期延长《排华法案》投了 “反对票”。一个多世纪以来,美籍华人的力量不断增强,但仍然远远不够。这部电影将深入挖掘多年来阻挡华裔选民的原因,鼓励更多华裔投票。电影还将介绍更多关于即将到来的选举,用中文选票帮助选民了解,这将是一个为我们喜欢的生活投票的好机会。

Culture Bridge项目

“文化之桥 “是一个由年轻人发起、组织和领导的社区志愿者项目。该项目将促进青年的领导力,因为它将由一个高中生团队指导、设计和实施。该项目旨在通过两个文化活动增进对中国文化的了解,这两个活动将与亚洲著名的庆祝活动相吻合。在2023年1月的春节联欢晚会上,学生团队将组织并表演汉族风格的服装表演,介绍汉族风格的服装,并介绍汉族服装在中国众多朝代中的演变。在2023年5月的亚太裔传统月,该团队将在一个向社区开放的活动中介绍中国茶文化。




UCACF的工作方式类似于非营利事业的 “天使基金”。我们在网上接受资助申请,并采用简单快捷的申请审查和批准程序。我们的资助审查委员会每月召开会议,审查在此期间提交的申请并作出资助决定。申请人只需不到两个月的时间就能收到赠款。


自7月UCACF网站 “试运行 “以来,我们已收到20多份申请。我们欢迎更多的本地华裔社区组织提交申请。

UCACF仍处于 “试运行 “阶段。我们正在寻找更多的志愿者加入我们。我们欢迎反馈和建议。请与我们联系,ucacommunityfund@gmail.com,或访问我们的网站了解更多信息。

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