Conversation with Senior FBI Official

Asian American Community leaders met with senior FBI official and representatives to discuss about community concerns


December 14, 2018. Contact: Aryani Ong, (240) 370-6660,


Washington, D.C. – On December 7, 2018, a group of community leaders met with a senior level FBI official and representatives at the FBI headquarters to convey concerns raised within the Chinese American community about the role of bias in its investigations, among other issues.

The FBI stated that its mission is to protect all Americans, including Chinese Americans, while also highlighting national security threats and the political influence from foreign nations such as China.

The community leaders acknowledged the serious threat posed by trade secret theft within the U.S. where intellectual property has found its way to foreign nations, including China. They also expressed support for vigorous law enforcement action where wrongdoing occurs. At the same time, the community leaders spoke about the fear and suspicion created by certain actions by the FBI, particularly related to cases where apparent innocent parties were involved.

The 90-minute meeting at FBI headquarters was closed door, permitting for a frank and confidential conversation. Both sides expressed interest in a continuing dialogue. Community groups who want to dialogue with the agency can contact FBI field offices. Several already have held meetings or forums involving the FBI in Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. According to the FBI, it has community outreach specialists in each of its field offices who regularly engage with the various communities they serve.

The community leaders attending the meeting were Robert Gee, Vice Chair, Washington DC Region, Committee of 100; Andrew Kim, Visiting Scholar, South Texas College of Law and Litigator, Greenberg Traurig; Aryani Ong, community advocate; Steven Pei, scientist and Honorary Chair of United Chinese Americans; and Jeremy Wu, retired government official.





华盛顿特区——2018 年12 月7 日,一行共5 位亚裔社团领袖在联邦调查局总部和一名联邦调查局高级官员和代表会谈,传达並表示了华裔社团对于联邦调查局工作存在偏见与相关问题的关切。



这次在联邦调查局总部举行的90 分钟的闭门会议,允许双方进行坦诚和保密的讨论,双方都表示愿意继续对话。各地愿意和联邦调查局交换意见的社团可以和联邦调查局的地方分局联系。奥斯汀,休斯顿,洛杉矶,旧金山和华盛顿特区等地都已经和联邦调查局有过联系,举办过座谈会。


出席会议的社团领袖是Robert Gee (朱健荣) ,百人会华盛顿特区副主席;Andrew Kim (김종세, 金鈡世),南德州法律学院访问学者和Greenberg Traurig 诉讼律师;Aryani Ong (王爱玲),社团活动家;Steven Pei (白先慎),科学家和美国华人联合会荣誉主席;Jeremy Wu (胡善庆) ,退休联邦政府官员。



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  1. I myself was an indirect target of investigation by he FBI even while I was employed by them from 1976 – 1997, and lost my job, as a result of this unjustified scrutiny, which involved my dad, Hu Zhi Ming, who immigrated to the USA in 1940, from China. My story is detailed in my book, “Their Hidden Agenda, the Story of a Chinese-American FBI Agent”, published in 2007.

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