UCA Condemns Mob Assault on US Capitol and American Democracy

United Chinese Americans (UCA) condemns the mob assault of the US Capitol—the very iconic symbol of American democracy—incited by President Trump, when US Congress was conducting its official and solemn business of certifying the electoral election. It is a clear violation of the law of the land and an attack on our democratic Republic. 

The American people have spoken and the election is over. It is time for our nation to heal. Indeed, it is our sacred civic duty, not a personal choice or preference, to embrace the legitimate and fair election by 160 million American voters, and congratulate Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris as the President-elect and Vice President-elect. 

2020 was truly a historic and challenging year to Chinese Americans, because of the ravaging pandemic, rising anti-Chinese hate crimes, a free fall of US-China relations and extreme political divide. Through it all, we’ve come to recognize the vulnerability of our democracy and the threat to our constitution. We’ve further come to the realization that, for an ethnic minority such as ours, a robust rule of law and a robust democracy is the best defense for our human and civil rights, our freedom, and our dignity. We simply can not take them for granted anymore. 

For many of us, immigrants from greater China region, we chose to become American exactly because of the very American rule of law, her values and democracy that we cherish. They are near and dear to our hearts. We have known America, throughout our life, as a beacon of light and hope for humanity. We cannot and will not allow that beacon be dimmed on our watch. 

Haipei Shue,
President, United Chinese Americans