UCA Illinois Senior Health Insurance SHIP Activities

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Report on UCA Illinois Senior Health Insurance SHIP Activities 

Last Open Enrollment Period October 2020 – February 2021 & 2020 

1) 2020 11-14 Webinar to Naperville Women’s Club Webinar Presented “Medicare 的東南西北 by Dr. Linda Lin Yu 11-16 Update” & Discussed Q&A Presenters

Results: Well received with many compliments; the largest audience NWC ever had. 

2) 2020 12-2 to Taiwan’s 華府台灣同鄉會 

Presenter: Chengya Shih 

3) 2020 12-4 to Taiwan’s 中山女中和師大校友會 

Presenter: Chengya Shih 

5) Number of People Helped by Receiving 2021 Medicare-Medicaid Update  Electronic Files assembled and sent by Meijan Linda Yu 

A. Chicago SUNRISE Chorus Group Members and Spouses

B. Alumni of Kong-Xiao Elementary School 

C. Alumni of 1970 Texas A&M University 

The focused audience has been Asian-Americans, especially Chinese Americans whose  English is not their mother tongue.