UCA Announcing New Leadership Team

UCA Announcing New Leadership Team


April 26th, 2018.  Dearborn, MI

During 2018 UCA leadership retreat held in Dearborn, MI, from April 20th to 22nd, the new UCA leadership team was elected:

Chairman of Board 张小彦 (Xiaoyan Zhang);
President 薛海培 (Haipei Shue);
Treasurer 梁瑞凤 (Ray Liang);
Secretary 马晓红 (Shirley Ma);
Chair of Governance Committee 谢超瑜 (Chaoyu Xie).

In addition, 陈健 (Lily Chen) was appointed to be the next executive director to work with the president in UCA executive operation.

白先慎 (Steven Pei), UCA former and founding chairman of Board, will continue to serve on UCA Board as the honorary chairman of board.