Introducing iCAHM, Interactive Chinese American Heritage Map

Introducing iCAHM, Interactive Chinese American Heritage Map


March 8th, 2018.  Washington, DC

Chinese American Heritage Map (iCAHM) is a signature project undertaken by United Chinese Americans (UCA). Using state of the art technology to record and display historical events, persons and landmarks that are significant to Chinese American experiences, iCAHM will be not only an educational tool, but also a legacy for our children.

To Learn more about iCAHM, please visit UCA website and watch the introduction video below.

iCAHM will be presented at 2018 Chinese American Convention on Sept. 27-29 in Washington D.C. To facilitate data collection, validate, translate, and edit entries collected, we have set up a crowdfunding platform. Your support will be critical to bring this legacy to live. To donate, please visit here.


2018年3月8日  华盛顿 哥伦比亚特区

隆重推出美国华人联合会正在开发的核心项目,美国华人史迹互动地图(Interactive Chinese American Heritage MapiCAHM)。iCAHM将采用最先进的数据收集及呈现技术,记录,汇总和展现美国华人历史的标志性事件,人物和地标。它不仅是一个很好的教育工具,同时也是我们留给后代的一份宝贵的遗产。请访问UCA网站了解更多的相关信息并递交您的条目。



iCAHM Introduction Video