6 Replies to “S.386 Blocked by Sen. Durbin”

  1. Qiao Zhong says:

    Thank senator Dick Durban for blocking S386

  2. Jing Chen says:

    Thanks Senator for blocking S386. I am working as an IT professional. 14 out of 20 people in my team are Indians. No Americans could get into company without a college degree, but none of these 14 Indian teammates has a US degree, they all came in as H1B.

  3. Siva says:

    @jing Chen
    H1B means having a professional degree having more than 5 years degree

  4. Arin says:

    whats wrong if Indians gets educated and wants to contribute in science and technology of this land. who do you want ? those who contributes to the land or meat sellers and taxi drivers from middle east? Or poor quality Chinese products?

  5. Anna says:

    I donated to Durbin to show my appreciation.

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