Licensed Health Professional volunteer needed for UCA Youth Mental Health Initiative

October 16, 2019

UCA’s  is seeking a passionate, dedicated, and experienced licensed health care professional with minimum five years practice experience (MD, RN, Pharm.D, Licensed counselor or LCSW etc) to join our dedicated team. Experiences in volunteering/working in Chinese American community organizations/settings are preferred. The candidate will have the opportunity to 

  • Work with a group of mission driven, high energy,  and extremely dedicated and qualified and result driven group of professionals and volunteers 
  • Strategically design, plan, and implement sustainable UCA youth mental health programs  in increasing awareness and decrease stigmatism of youth mental health in Chinese American communities through UCA national coalition of community partners, chapters, and supporters.
  • Develop leadership and community organizing skills 
  • Network with and develop meaningful friendships nationwide through UCA network
  • Horn professional skills in research utilization and grant writing
  • Have the potential getting leadership training and in UCA grant application process
  • Find great satisfaction in investing your time and expertise by helping next generations and save lives!!

Thank you for your consideration and recommendation, please contact 

Lily Chen: or Paul Li:

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