UCA is Calling for Volunteer Program Team Member

Oct 17, 2019

As it approaches the year end of 2019, UCA has been tasked for more programs, such as preparing the 2020 Convention, Census 2020 preparation, advocacy work through US congress working with other ethnic groups, year end fundraising, youth mental health initiatives, chapter opening and community partnerships, youth leadership training and 2020 civic engagement summer internships. UCA is has been primarily a volunteer based organization with thousands of volunteer hours donated by our dedicated and talented volunteers – the bread and butter of our organization. We continue to look for dedicated volunteers to work on these critically important programs and initiatives to move our community forward.

The candidate will have the opportunity to work with an amazing group of dedicated and talented people. 

Main responsibilities 

  • Be part of a great team in implementing UCA programs, including but not limited to, youth mental health initiative, Summer Civic Engagement Internship, 2020 census work, and fundraising
  • Working with convention team in program coordination and  logistic needs of the UCA 2020 Convention
  • Writing program objectives, outlines, and track program data
  • Supporting UCA chapters and community partners with program implementation 
  • The position could grow into paid part time position next summer if funding available
  • Approximately average about 4-6 hours weekly


  • Prior experience in working with volunteer teams in  community organizations or groups
  • Project management experience preferred
  • Have strong communication skills (verbal and written in both Chinese and English) with supportive and collaborative spirit, and work well with other UCA committees members
  • Is detailed oriented and able to follow through with tasks
  • Have basic computer skills working with Words, Google Doc, spreadsheet, and basic graphic design skills preferred

Thank you for considering and recommending, please contact Haipei at haipei.shue@ucausa.org or Shuiwen at shuiwen@ucausa.org

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