Fundraising / Development Volunteer Team Member

UCA Fundraising/Development Volunteer Team Member Needed 

Oct 17, 2019

UCA is in a cross road after almost three years since its conception. We have grown tremendously and getting recognized on local and national levels, but to help UCA become sustainable will require a tremendous amount of hard work not only on strategic programming, but also on systematic and diversified fundraising and development.  Applying to Grants especially from mainstream foundations has always been on UCA’s agenda. Unfortunately due to very limited manpower, UCA has only been focusing on program development and execution. We need to put systematic fundraising and development as a priority. By recruiting a new volunteer team member for fundraising and development will help UCA start this extremely important fundraising function.

Desired Qualifications

  • Passionate about serving community and deeply identifies with UCA vision, prior experiences in community services. 
  • Excellent command of English writing skills with exceptional research skills,  prior grant writing or fundraising experiences preferred, be creative and a problem solver
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills,  works well in a team environment
  • Good understanding of UCA programs

Roles and responsibilities

  • Working with UCA fundraising/development team to research and identify targeted foundations that most likely support UCA programs and mission
  • Help develop, write, and revise grant proposals and following up reports
  • Participate in UCA fundraising team meetings and connect with UCA leadership and community partners to seek feedback and improvement on proposals
  • Average about 3-4 hours a week 

Interested individuals,  recommendations, please contact Lily Chen at or Haipei Shue at