“Creativity against COVID-19” Young Creative Artists Contest Complete

“Creativity against COVID-19” Young Creative Artists Contest Complete

9-Year-old Justin Koo of California Wins $1,500 Grant Prize

Contact: Lily Chen, Email: lily.chen@ucausa.org, Tel: 1-630-863-5579

Washington, DC (August 11, 2020) – The Organizing Committee of “Creativity against COVID-19” Young Creative Artists Contest proudly presents the winners:

$1,500 Grant Prize Winner:

  • Justine Koo, 9, Castlebay Lane Charter School, CA
  • $500 Second Prize Winners:
  • Kevin Lou, 14, Kent Denver School, CO
  • Vanessa Lin, 7, Montemalaga Elementary School, CA
  • Anda Xie, 12, Hawthorne Elementary School, UT
  • Ziyao Zhuo, 16, Mark Keppel High School, CA
  • Rachel Liang, 17, Clayton Highschool, MO
  • Justin Goh, 16, Stargate High School, CO
  • Adam Yeung, 18, Cranbrook Schools, IN
  • Prudence Peng, 8, Prairie Trace Elementary School, IN
  • $250 Third Prize Winners:
  • Peter Yu, 11, Westhoff Elementary, CA
  • Danielle Riss, 15, Kent Denver School, CO
  • Winston Lin, 11, Astra Nova, CA
  • Teamwork of Mandarin Playground, Seattle, WA
  • Sabrinna Yeh, 14, Troy High, CA
  • Yian Shao, 14, Olympia High School, WA
  • Emily Zhao, 16, Naperville North High School, IL
  • ANNA WANG, 17, Louisville High School, CA
  • Richard Geng, 13, Central Middle School, IN
  • Huixi Wang, 16, Saint James School, China
  • Jessica Zhao, 17, North Penn High School, PA
  • Alice Yu, 16, Torrey Pines High School, CA
  • Biyi(Chloe) Shi, 16, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, CA
  • Linda Xu, 8, Legacy Christian Academy, CA
  • Kelly Cheng, 11, Solana Pacific Elementary School, CA
  • Alicia Li, 14, Lake Oswego High School, OR,
  • Best Teamwork Prize Winners ($600 each team):
  • Teamwork of Mandarin Playground, Seattle, WA
  • Youth online TV, CT

60 young artists won “My Favorite” Prize. Each of them will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. For a detailed list of the “My Favorite” Prize winners, please visit the official website of the contest:


The “Creativity against COVID-19” Contest is a COVID-19 public health education program co-hosted by UCA, Chinese American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern Californian (CESASC) and Xing Memorial Fund (XMF).

The contest was open to K-12 students age from 6 to 18. Team is encouraged. Artwork was submitted in the forms of picture, video, animation or other multi-media formats with a story based on content from “COVID-19: Tracy’s Guide for Families”. It was posted on social media and is viewable to the public. The artworks submitted were reviewed and graded by a selected committee of youth education experts and community leaders.

The prize winners will receive prize checks and winner certificates by mail. All participants of the contest will receive participation certificates. The top 3 prize winners will have the opportunity to present their artwork during the next United Chinese Americans (UCA) Convention. An online award ceremony is scheduled to be a part of the CESASC 58th Annual Convention at 3pm Pacific Time on Aug. 29, 2020 (Sat).

The purpose of this contest is to encourage K-12 students in America to learn and share essential knowledge about COVID-19, such as how we can protect individuals and their family members from being infected by coronavirus. Young artists who entered the contest were highly creative in producing COVID-19 educational content using digital media and in promoting this content on social media. Congratulations to all contest winners!

All artwork from the young artists who entered the contest can be found on the following page:


“Creativity against COVID-19” Young Creative Artists Contest is a part of UCA’s hallmark public education program on COVID-19, “Tracy’s Guide”, and one of its many projects to help America fighting against COVID-19.

UCA gratefully thanks CESASC and XMF for co-hosting the Contest with UCA, Himalaya Capital, Chinese CEO Organization and C2 Education for their generous sponsorship, Chinese University of Alumni Association Alliance of Southern California, Peking University Alumni Association of Washington State, Asian Culture and Education Society USA and  Mandarin Playground for being our community partners, and Chinesedaily.com, Huarenone.com, UCA-BMXSJ and NewsAgencyAmerica.com for their media support.

United Chinese Americans (UCA) 

UCA is a nationwide nonprofit and nonpartisan federation and a community civic movement; inspired and dedicated to enriching and empowering Chinese American communities through civic engagement, political participation, heritage sharing, youth development and a greater understanding between US and China for the well-being of all Americans and this world. For more information about our organization, please visit our website: https://ucausa.org/. For more information about Tracy’s Guide for Families on COVID-19, please visit its official website: https://tracysguide.blogspot.com.

Organizing Committee of “Creativity against COVID-19” Young Creative Artists Contest

Advisory committee: 

  • Lily Lee Chen, former Mayor of Monterey Park, CA
  • Dr. Cun-Yu Wang, Member, Institute of Medicine of National Academies
  • Haipei Shue, President, UCA
  • Dr. Hui Su, Chairwoman of the Board, CESASC
  • Joy Chen, former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, CA
  • Xiaodong Zeng, former Managing Director of Z-Park & World Bank officer.
  • Mingdi Yang, Founder of Xiaoduo & Publisher of Front Vision
  • Hei Feng, Chinese American artist
  • Steve Chiang, Publisher of Chinese Daily Newspaper.
  • Yue Rong, Chairman of the Board, CUAAASC
  • Liam Li, Managing Director of Himalaya Capital
  • Joey Zhou, Chief Editor of UCA-BMXSJ
  • Jing Yang, President of NewsAgencyAmerica

    Winner selection committee: 

    Lily Lee Chen, Dr. Cun-Yu Wang, Haipei Shue, Dr. Hui Su, Joy Chen, Xiaodong Zeng, Mingdi Yang, Hei Feng, Steve Chiang, Yue Rong, Liam Li, Ying Zhan, Jun Sun, Tao Jiang, Sun Liu, Zhang, Dr. Helen Shih, Lily Chen, Jian Ruan, Dr. Jingyi Xi


United Chinese AmericansChinese American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California & Xing Memorial Fund


Himalaya CapitalChinese CEO OrganizationC2 Education

Community Partners:

Chinese University of Alumni Association Alliance of Southern CaliforniaPeking University Alumni Association of Washi

ngton StateAsian Culture and Education Society USA, Mandarin Playground

Media Partners: