UCA 2022 Convention Updates – WAVES Mental Health Track!

Register today for UCA’s 3rd Chinese American Convention and our 1st National Youth Convention! 

The convention is being held at Omni Hotel in Washington, D.C. from July 14th-16th. Please click here for registration, hotel bookings, and programming information.

UCA WAVES will be presenting a mental health track with four breakout sessions, a community showcase, AND a movie screening!

To view our full WAVES program click here.

Breakout Sessions

Our mental health track will feature four unique breakout sessions exploring a variety of current mental health topics.
🧠 Breaking Silences: Youth Mental Health & Parent-Child Communication– Parent education session on improving parent-child communication and supporting youth mental health.
🧠 Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Mental Health & Advocacy – Exploring current mental health disparities in AAPI communities. 
🧠 Demystifying Medications – Educational session on purpose and importance of psychiatric medications in mental health.
🧠 LGBTQ+ Workshop: What Coming Out Means – Exploring queer identities and mental health challenges, and howto be an active ally.