Defending Civil Rights – A Conversation with Sherry Chen, Xiaoxing Xi, and Peter R. Zeidenberg, Esq.

Speakers: Xiaoxing Xi, Sherry Chen, Peter R. Zeidenberg, Esq.

Moderator: Albert Wang

The increasing mistrust between the United States of America and China, partly triggered by the rise of China, has caught many Chinese American scientists in the crossfire between these two countries. Overzealous prosecution and the practice of racial profiling by government agencies have resulted in Chinese American scientists such as Wen Ho Lee, Xiaoxing Xi and Sherry Chen, among others, being wrongly accused of espionage. This session will examine this great miscarriage of justice through historic facts and personal experiences of the victims. Chen, Xi and their defense attorney Mr. Zeidenberg will share a riveting account about prejudice, fear, suspicion and courage they have experienced.