Nurturing a Multi-Ethnic Democracy – A Panel Discussion among Leaders of Jewish, African American and Latino, as well as Asian AmericanCommunities

Speakers: Karen K. Narasaki, Alan Ronkin, Hilary O. Shelton

Guest Introducer: John K. Holton
Moderator: Frank H. Wu

Chinese Americans are a coalition identity, spanning different origins, generations, dialects, and political perspectives.
They have worked with Asian Americans, a pan-ethnic coalition that is unique to our diverse democracy — as moderator Frank H. Wu has said, “There are no Asians in Asia.” Even as the nation recognizes its changing face, with race no longer being literally black and white, Chinese Americans have struggled to achieve political power. In a diverse democracy, coalitions have been crucial. This panel will consider, with practical “take home” suggestions, how Chinese Americans can come together with others to achieve shared goals.