UCA Youth Leadership Council is Recruiting Passionate and Independent Leaders

Dear UCA Friends and Parents,

We need your help! 

To empower and prepare the younger generation of Chinese Americans for full participation and leadership in American life is one of the missions of UCA. 

One of UCA youth programs is the UCA Youth Leadership Council, a youth leadership program. The Council, made up of those high school students in grades 10-12 and college students, aims to lead, connect and develop the next generation of Chinese Americans through networking, advocacy, and community building.

And it is much more than just an honorable position with a fancy title: working on the Council will improve Council members’ leadership skills, network with like-minded and aspiring peers, benefit from great mentors, increase their organizational experience, while at the same time accumulate required social service time.

This Council has three tasks in 2022: First, the Council is to build and provide a nationwide platform, grow youth network and provide consistent quality programming, with a focus on identity, leadership, cultural heritage, and other topics of interests to Chinese American youth. 

Second, UCA will hold the first Chinese American Youth Convention in July this year. This convention will be an opportunity and platform for the younger generation to meet and communicate, build relationships, and show their projects, and share or obtain various information and resources. The Council will be tasked to prepare for the Convention.

Third, this summer will be the second year of UCA Summer University. Summer University is a summer program for qualifying high school students for leadership,  identity, and heritage training. The Council members will play a leading role in supporting the Summer University.

To this end, we want to grow the Council. We are currently looking for high school and college students who are civic-minded, proud of their Chinese identity, and passionate about serving their community to join this  Council with 22 openings. We hope that students with different skill sets can join the Council’s various committees. Among others, we need students with organizational and leadership skills, project management experience, computer and social media experience, and creative design abilities to join us. For the detailed description and requirements of these positions, please click the following link https://ucausa.org/uca-youth-leadership-council/ and submit the application.

We hope you will be able to recommend to us great young people you know who can work passionately and independently for the Chinese American youth community. Thanks! 

UCA (United Chinese Americans)