UCA WAVES Parent Support Needs Survey – available now!

Youth mental health is one of the most urgent issues for the Chinese American community members today. Stigma against mental illness, social isolation, cultural expectations, identity issues, low mental health literacy, and lack of available Chinese-speaking or culturally sensitive mental health professionals – all of these factors contribute to the problem.

Our UCA WAVES team have created a Parent Support Needs Survey to better understand what tools or guidance Chinese-American parents need when addressing their child(ren)’s social and emotional wellbeing. By completing the survey, you will help us provide meaningful targeted services and support for our community. 

The survey can be found at: https://form.jotform.com/211237028599157

Confidentiality Statement

Information collected in this survey will be held in strict confidentiality and will be used in aggregate form only, without individual identifications.

For any questions, please contact us through our new UCA WAVES email: waves@ucausa.org









本调查所收集的资料将会严格保密,并只会作为整体使用,不会提供个人身份证明。如有任何问题,请通过UCA wave邮箱联系我们: waves@ucausa.org

UCA将隆重启动WAVES项目,在亚裔社区掀起一个关心下一代的浪潮。W.A.V.E.S.是:健康(Wellness)、倡导(Advocacy)、心声(Voices)、教育(Education)和支持(Support)的缩写,UCA WAVES憧憬着 “一个大家积极参与、相互协助的社区,一个我们年轻的一代能健康、全面地发展的社区”。我们主要有四个使命:

1.      提高对亚裔美国青少年因家庭、文化和社会因素在认同感及心理健康方面带来的挑战的认识;

2.      为青少年精神健康发展提供社区支持及所需资源

3.      培养用文化视角和敏感来探讨心理健康和表现

4.      鼓励参与改善精神和心理健康问题的公共政策制定活动。



Wellness, Advocacy, Voices, Education, and Support (WAVES)-A Supportive and Engaging Community that Fosters Healthy and Holistic Development of Our Youths


In order to meet the urgent needs of our community, UCA WAVES has worked with its chapters and partners to address mental health issues facing the community and organize 12 youth mental conferences in Chicago (2), Minnesota (1), Wisconsin (2), Ohio (3), Nevada(1), San Francisco (1), and at the 2016 and 2018 Chinese American Conventions (2) in Washington, DC.