Register for UCA’s Lunar New Year Online Gala and North American Chinese Talent Show on Feb 12 2022 to Win Prizes! UCA《天籁云端》网上春晚大奖等你取!

UCA 2022 Lunar New Year Online Gala & North American Talent Show Contest


Show Time演出时间: February 12, 2022 (Sat) 8pm-11pm (EST)

Raffle Entry Form 抽奖登记表

To participate in the raffle draw during the show, please fill up the following form. Our raffle prizes include both virtual (NFTs) and physical products. We need your email and shipping address to deliver the prizes to you.请填写下面的表格以参加本次活动的现场抽奖。我们的抽奖奖品将包括虚拟和实物奖品,请填写您的电子邮箱和邮寄地址以方便我们将奖品寄送给您。

UCA 2022 Lunar New Year – Raffle Entry Form

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