UCA #FoodOfLove Donation Drive

UCA “Chinese American Food of Love Day” Donation Drive


50 States, 100 Cities,

One People United!


That is what our community is doing on May 10 to donate food to the needy people all across the country. Never have we done that together before!

5月10日这一天,我们华人社区将向全国各地需要的人们捐赠食物。 这是前所未有的集体行动!

United Chinese Americans, partnering with many organizations and the Salvation Army, is kicking off “Chinese American Food of Love Day,” to show that Chinese Americans care (for more, visit: https://ucausa.org/food-of-love/).

全美华人联合会和许多地方组织以及Salvation  Army共同发起“华人爱心中餐日”活动,以表明华裔美国人的关切心情(更多信息请访问:https://ucausa.org/food-of-love /)。

Your donation of $100 or more will also double as your membership fee to UCA. Every dollar you donate will be used exclusively for the food program and the pandemic relief. (See different levels of UCA membership and benefits: https://ucausa.org/membership/)

您若捐赠100美元或以上的金额,也将成为你UCA会员费用的两倍。 您捐赠的每一美元,都将专门用于食品服务和抗疫活动灾。 (请参见UCA成员资格和权益的不同级别:https://ucausa.org/membership

Together, we shall defeat this pandemic!


P.S. UCA (United Chinese Americans) is a 501(c)3 non profit, UCA’s Federal TAX ID is 82-1111498. Your donation is tax deductible.

For Check Donation: Payable to UCA
Mailing Address: 1050 Connecticut Ave. NW. Suite 500. Washington. DC. 20036

附注: UCA(全美华人联合会)是501(c)3非营利组织,联邦税号是82-1111498。 您的捐款可以获得免税。支票捐赠请支付给“UCA”。

Email: info@ucausa.org
Website: ucausa.org