UCA Event Recap: “A Dialogue: Cultural Identity & Its Puzzles in Chinese American Youth” WAVES Webinar

The UCA WAVES Youth Mental Health Collaborative Program held the virtual event, “A Dialogue: Cultural Identity & Its Puzzles in Chinese American Youth,” at no cost to attendees on September 26, 2021. The webinar is the first of the program’s fall “mini-webinar” series. 

The panel speakers included Advisor to the Asian American Association and former Associate Director of Campus Ministry at the University of Notre Dame Priscilla Wong, M.S. Ed., UCA Board Member and Calvin J. Li Memorial Foundation Founder Paul Li, Ph.D., and UCA WAVES Youth Ambassador Jessie Li. UCA WAVES Youth Ambassador Tianyao Tim He moderated the discussion, and UCA WAVES Webinar Co-Coordinator Sharon Shi helped by hosting.   

Speakers discussed how culture and identity are different for each person based on their own backgrounds and how they see themselves. Panelists said parents can help their children solve the puzzle of “culture and identity” and other topics by accepting their children, not minimizing their child’s feelings, and growing on the topic in our contemporary world themselves. 

Over 130 people attended. 

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UCA WAVES青少年心理健康合作项目于2021年9月26日举办了一场网络研讨会,名为我是谁?——《华二代的文化和身份认同》讲座。这次网络研讨会是秋季“迷你网络研讨会”系列的第一场。主讲人包括美国亚裔美国人协会顾问、美国圣母大学前校园事工负责人Priscilla Wong, UCA董事会成员、Calvin J. Li纪念基金会创始人Paul Li博士,以及UCA WAVES青年大使 Jessie Li。UCA wave青年大使Tianyao Tim He主持了本次研讨会,UCA wave网络研讨会联合协调人Sharon Shi协助主持。



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