UCA Community Foundation Announces the First UCACF Community Leadership Award and Community Inspiration Award Winners

UCA Community Foundation (UCACF) is pleased to announce recipients of the 2023 UCACF Community Awards:

  • 2023 UCACF Community Leadership Award – Sandy Chau and the Civic Leadership USA (CLUSA)
  • 2023 UCACF Community Inspiration Award – Jiahan (Peter) Cheng and Chinese American Volunteer Association (CAVA)

The awards will be presented to the winners during UCACF’s Inauguration and Fundraising Gala on March 25, 2023, at the South Hill Country Club in West Covina California. 

Sandy Chau is a long-time venture capitalist, real estate investor and philanthropist focuses on social justice issues. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Civic Leadership UCA (CLUSA).

CLUSA is a 501(c)(3) incorporated in Washington DC in 2013 and headquartered in San Mateo California. is dedicated to empower and organize the Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) communities, to create a national network of civic-minded organizations and leaders and work in unity. The principal activity of CLUSA is to sponsor Civic Leadership Forums and Public 

Service Internship programs aimed at training APIAs to participate in the political process and our civic life. It has sponsored 72 Civic Leadership Forums in 35 cities and 15 states since its inception.

Jiahan (Peter) Cheng immigrated to the United States at the age nine. Born with cataracts, Peter underwent 8 surgeries, achieving 20/200 vision. Peter’s visual Impairment became a unique gift to help him see and give back to the world through a lens of gratitude. 

Peter has a passion for community service. In 2019, he founded the nonprofit Chinese American Volunteer Association leading over 400 students to make remarkable contributions to the local community–helping many quality for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

CAVA (Chinese American Volunteer Association) is a student-run 501c3 non-profit organization that strives to develop the next generation of service-minded leaders. Started in the city of Eastvale California, it rapidly expanded into neighboring cities. With over 9 participating schools and over 400 members, its student volunteers get involved in many types of service activities, including event management, education consulting, medical internships, political internships, environmental cleanups, festival performances, mental health seminars, translation services, and more.

UCACF is a non-profit organization affiliated with United Chinese Americans (UCA). It provides microgrants of “seed money” ranging from $500 to $5,000 to startup charitable community projects that promote civic engagement, public education, cultural heritage sharing, youth development, and better understanding between the people of the United States and China.

UCACF’s first Inauguration and Fundraising Gala on March 25th will start at 5pm at the South Hill Country Club with a wine reception. More than 200 distinguished guests and community leaders are coming to the event. The event will feature fireside chat, traditional Chinese art performances, live auctions and lucky draws. The event will be broadcasted live by our media partners and UCA’s Youtube channel.

In the fireside chat, four prominent Chinese American leaders, Sandy Chau, Haipei Shue, Gene Chang and Edward Lee will share their ideas on how to uphold the rights of Chinese Americans and address the challenges in the AAPI communities.

The live auction will feature artworks by Chinese artists such as world renowned artists Xie Tianchen, Hei Feng and Liu Sun.The proceeds of the auctions will be used to fund UCACF‘s microgrant program to benefit the grass-root Chinese American community organizations across the country.

(World renowned contemporary Chinese painter Xie Tiancheng)

Since the “test launch” of UCACF’s microgrant program in July last year, we have raised more than $70,000, received more than 30 applications, conducted five rounds of reviews, and awarded microgrants of $30,300 in total to 10 projects. Our goal is to offer an accessible funding solution for Chinese American community organizations and drive more charitable donations and public investment in the Chinese American community.

This event is made possible by our sponsors and volunteers, they are:

  • Platinum Sponsors: Powermax, Gene and Sharon Chang Family Charitable Fund, Edward Lee & Jennifer Gu, Gary Yu.
  • Gold Sponsors: Grace Lau and Charles Tsui, Cathay Bank, Amsino.
  • Silver Sponsors: CogLeap Center for Achievement, Inc, Suncru Wines, Gensun Casual Living  Company, Borche North America.
  • Bronze Sponsors: Xuemei Wei, BioCalth International, Bo Pang, Paul Teng.

Friendship Sponsors: Cheng Lu & Queeny Nam, Charlie Wang王一笑, Xin Zhang, Qing Jiang, Qing Liao, Weining Yang, Marlynn Ma马琳, Charley, He Family, Betty Qi, Dr. Sabrina Bow, Helen Zhang, Stan Jeong , Mariah Qian, Sabrina Li, John Zhong, Larry Li, Leping Huang, Tim Zhu, Anna Shi, Olinna Zhou, Lily Lee Chen, Jack Deng, Liam Li, Paul Teng, Michael Liu, Yue Rong, Wendy Doo, XCHANGE, Kathy Hao, Jane Long, Steve Jiang, Seamon Chan, Tony Zhang, Jason Xue, DISC/Tony Yeung, Goodcount LLC, MagStone Law, LLP, Peking University Alumni Association of Southern California, 高校联盟会长孙淑婷 and 深圳联合会会长叶.

Volunteers: Jing Bi, Qiang Bjornbak, Jinliang Cai, Lily Cen, Seamon Chan, Audwin Chang, Sharon Chang, Gene Chang, Jessamine Dong, Keqi Gan, Qian Ge, Eric He, Jessy He, Li Huang, Jean Huang, Jenny Hou, Jia Hou, Lin Lin Hu, Steve Jiang, Isabella Lee, Edward Lee, Lucy Lei, Sophia Li, Crystal Li, Veronica Li, Jimmy Li, Bonnie Liao, Neville Lin, Crystal Lin, Yin Lin, Kathy Hao, Bo Pang, Hong Qi, Emma Qin, Lin Qu, Yinong Shen, Jin Shi, Haipei Shue, Sunny Sun, Tony Tang, Charles Tsui, Luxi Xie, Xirun Wang, Jackson Wen, Ping Wu, Xuehui Wu, Lily Yan, Gary Yu, Wen Yuan, Eva Zeng, Shawn Zhang, Donna Zhang, Yingying Zhang and Zack Zhou

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for their generous support!

We would like to thank the following media for supporting us: Sing Tao Daily (星岛日报), Sino-US Innovation Times (中美创新时报), Toutiao (今日头条), Chinese Headline New Media (华人头条), 波士顿中文网, Boston International Media Consulting (波士顿国际传媒) Boston Asian Radio and TV (波士顿中文广播电视台), DCRTV (密西根中文广播电视台), 费城中文广播电视台, Ding Ding TV (硅谷丁丁电视), News Agency America (美新社), 洛杉矶龙湖电视, Atlanta Chinese Television (亚特兰大华语电视台), Dragon Eagle TV (龙鹰卫视) and Chinese Radio Seattle (西雅图中文电台).

For more information about the gala or UCACF’s microgrant program, please visit our website at https://ucacf.org/.


Gary Yu

UCACF Trustee and Media Relation Officer


(617) 849-1918




UCA Community Fund (UCACF) is a non-profit organization affiliated with United Chinese Americans (UCA). Our mission is to support the Chinese American community throughout the United States by providing microgrants ranging from $500 to $5,000 to startup charitable community projects and programs. Our efforts are focused on promoting civic engagement, public education, cultural heritage sharing, youth development, and better understanding between the people of the United States and China. 

UCACF works like an “angel fund” for charitable causes. We accept grant applications online and adopt a simple-and-fast application review and approval process. Our Grant Review Committee meets monthly to review applications submitted during the period and make grant decisions. It takes less than two months for an applicant to receive the grant.

UCACF aims to provide seed funding that has a significant impact, driving more charitable donations and public investment in the Chinese American community.



  • 2023UCACF社区领导力奖朱伟人(Sandy Chau)先生和 Civic Leadership USACLUSA
  • 2023UCACF社区激励奖成佳翰(Peter)先生和美国华人志愿者协会(CAVA

上述奖项将于2023325日在加州West Covina市的South Hill Country Club所举行的UCACF成立典礼暨筹款晚宴上颁发给获奖者。

朱伟人先生是一位资深的风险投资家、房地产投资者和慈善家,他长期关注社会公正方面的问题。他是Civic Leadership UCACLUSA)的创始人兼董事会主席。

CLUSA成立于2013年,是一家在华盛顿特区注册成立的501(c)(3)组织,总部位于加州San Mateo。该组织致力于通过赋能和组织亚裔美国(APIA)社区,建立一个由倡导公民意识的组织和领导者组成的全国性网络,并促进这些组织和领导者之间的团结合作。CLUSA的主要活动是赞助公民领袖论坛和公共服务实习项目,旨在培训美国亚裔更好地参与政治过程和公民生活。自成立以来,CLUSA已在35个城市和15个州举办了72场公民领袖论坛。





UCACF成立典礼暨筹款晚宴将于325日下午5点在South Hill Country Club以招待酒会的形式开场迎宾,届时将有200多位杰出人士和社区领袖出席。晚会活动将包括炉边对谈、传统中国艺术表演、现场拍卖和抽奖活动。活动将由我们的媒体合作伙伴以及UCAYoutube频道现场直播。






白金赞助商:PowermaxGene and Sharon Chang Family Charitable FundEdward Lee & Jennifer GuGary Yu

黄金赞助商:Grace Lau and Charles TsuiCathay Bank国泰银行、Amsino

白银赞助商:CogLeap Center for Achievement, IncSuncru Wines桑库酒庄、Gensun Casual Living CompanyBorche North America

青铜赞助商:Xuemei Wei魏雪梅、BioCalth InternationalBo PangPaul Teng

友谊赞助商:Cheng Lu陆诚 & Queeny NamCharlie Wang 王一笑、、Xin ZhangQing Jiang江庆、Qing Liao廖青、Weining Yang杨卫宁、Marlynn Ma马琳、CharleyHe FamilyBetty QiDr. Sabrina BowHelen ZhangStan JeongMariah QianSabrina LiJohn ZhongLarry LiLeping HuangTim ZhuAnna ShiOlinna ZhouLily Lee Chen陈李婉若、Jack DengLiam LiMichael LiuYue Rong容跃、Wendy DooXCHANGEKathy Hao郝琦、Jane LongSteve JiangSeamon ChanTony Zhang张可、Jason Xue薛杨、DISC/Tony YeungGoodcount LLC MagStone Law, LLP、北京大学南加州校友会、高校联盟会长孙淑婷和深圳联合会会长叶冬。

志愿者:Jing Bi毕靖、Qiang Bjornbak华强、Jinliang Cai蔡金良、Lily Cen岑莉、Seamon Chan陈孟希、Audwin ChangSharon ChangGene Chang常劲、Jessamine Dong董凡、Keqi Gan甘科奇、Qian Ge葛倩、Eric He, Jessy HeLi Huang黄犁、Jean Huang黄珺、Jenny HouJia Hou侯嘉、Lin Lin Hu胡林林、Steve Jiang江启光、Isabella LeeEdward Lee李世海、Lucy LeiSophia Li李惠琼、Crystal Li李宜轩、Veronica LiJimmy Li李金星、Bonnie Liao廖冰、Neville Lin林宁国、Crystal LinYin Lin林蔭、Kathy Hao郝琦、Bo Pang庞博、Hong Qi齐虹、Emma Qin秦弦、Lin Qu曲美霖、Yinong Shen沈一农、Jin ShiHaipei Shue薛海培、Sunny Sun陈峥、Tony Tang唐理震、Charles Tsui徐国富、Luxi Xie谢露嬉、Xirun WangJackson Wen温杰、Ping Wu吴娉、Xuehui Wu伍学慧、Lily Yan颜立维、Gary Yu俞国梁、Wen Yuan袁文、Eva ZengShawn ZhangDonna ZhangYingying Zhang张莹莹和Zack Zhou


我们还要感谢以下媒体的支持:Sing Tao Daily (星岛日报), Sino-US Innovation Times (中美创新时报), Toutiao (今日头条), Chinese Headline New Media (华人头条), 波士顿中文网, Boston International Media Consulting (波士顿国际传媒) Boston Asian Radio and TV (波士顿中文广播电视台), DCRTV (密西根中文广播电视台), 费城中文广播电视台, Ding Ding TV (硅谷丁丁电视), News Agency America (美新社), 洛杉矶龙湖电视, Atlanta Chinese Television (亚特兰大华语电视台), Dragon Eagle TV (龙鹰卫视) and Chinese Radio Seattle (西雅图中文电台).