Political and Community Leaders Sharing Their Successful Stories

Speaker: Cindy Wang

Moderator: Narantsin Kylie Jia

In this session, we will showcase Chinese Americans who have led by their own examples to engage in American civic and political life. Their contribution and exemplary influence will inspire many others to follow their footsteps and contribute more to this great country.

Cindy Wang is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. Originally from Overland Park, Kansas, Cindy has brought her commitment and passion for service from the Midwest to the East Coast. She has previously served as President of the KCCAA Youth Hope Fund, a student-run non-profit organization dedicated to providing worldwide disaster relief and humanitarian aid. Under her leadership, the organization raised over $11,000 in two years for victims of Hurricane Sandy, the 2012 Haiti Earthquake, and impoverished children in Yanzibian, China. Currently, Cindy is pursuing a Political Science degree with minors in Consumer Psychology, English, and Mandarin Chinese.

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