Recap and Resources: 2021 UCA Congressional Outreach Campaign Training Seminar #UCAEngaged

Thank you to the over 107 attendees at the 2021 UCA Congressional Outreach Campaign Training Seminar! Thank you so much to our guests and speakers U.S. Congressman Mike Honda, UCA Volunteer Advisor Monica He, House of Representatives Scheduler Sameer Chintamani, and Carolinas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Inc. President Michael Wang. We appreciate you, all the work that you do, and your wise words of wisdom and knowledge.

Caption: House of Representatives Scheduler Sameer Chintamani speaks at UCA’s event that was held virtually.

🗣We encourage everyone to participate in the democratic process: Register to vote, see when your next (local) election is, vote, and email and call your Congressional Member of Congress.

❌In the past year, we have seen, witnessed, felt, and experienced ourselves and our Chinese, Chinese American, and AANHPI neighbors, loved ones, and friends be vilified, harassed, profiled, and harmed – sometimes, killed… Anti-Asian and anti-Chinese policies and rhetoric impacts us, and we encourage everyone to speak up about this, your concerns and requests, to your local Congressional Member of Congress.

Some topics you might bring up with your local Congressional Member of Congress: 

  • Anti-Asian and anti-Chinese hate crimes.
  • The federal government’s ”China Initiative.”
  • Education of Asian American history.
  • US-China relations. 

📸 When you meet with your Member, please take a photo of the in-person or virtual/Zoom meeting and share it with us at and post it online with the caption hashtag #UCAEngaged. (Make sure you receive everyone’s consent and permission to take their photo and to share it with us for public consumption/exposure on the UCA website, materials, emails, and social media.) 

Find your Congressional Member of Congress online on the official government website at Please contact us for a recording of the video, the talking points, and the FAQ.

United Chinese Americans (UCA) is a national nonprofit organization with the mission to empower all Chinese Americans. UCA encourages civic participation, political engagement, youth education, and the preservation of Chinese American heritage and culture. While the organization’s headquarters is in Washington, D.C., UCA has 12 local chapters and over 30 community partners across nearly all 50 States, making it one of the most influential Chinese American organizations in the United States. UCA activities have included: Food of Love, Town Halls, Youth Education and Mental Health initiatives, and more. UCA was incorporated in 2016. To learn more about UCA, please visit and follow UCA on WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

回顾与资源:2021年UCA国会参与行动培训研讨会  #UCA参与

非常感谢107名与会者出席2021年UCA国会参与行动培训研讨会。非常感谢我们的演讲嘉宾:前美国国会议员本田(Mike Honda), UCA顾问Monica He, 美国众议员刘云平办公室日程安排人员Sameer Chintamani,以及卡罗莱纳中国商会主席Michael Wang. 我们非常感谢你们所做的一切工作,感谢你们的睿智言辞。

Caption: 美国众议员刘云平办公室日程安排人员Sameer Chintamani在UCA线上活动发言。




  • 反亚裔和反华裔的仇恨犯罪
  • 联邦政府的“中国行动”计划
  • 亚裔美国人历史教育
  • 美中关系

当您和您的议员见面时,请拍摄线上或线下见面的照片,并发送info@ucausa.org与我们分享。也可以将其发布到社交平台上,并标注 #UCAEngaged。(发布前确保你得到了每个人的同意和许可,可以拍摄他们的照片,并分享给我们。以便我们可以在UCA网站,社交媒体,电子邮件中分享)。



United Chinese Americans (UCA) 是一个全国性的非营利性组织,其使命是为所有美国华人争取权利。UCA鼓励公民参与,政治参与,青少年教育以及保护中华传统和文化。UCA总部设在Washington D.C., 在全美50个州拥有12个地方分会和30多个社区合作伙伴。UCA的活动包括但不限于:Food of Love, Town Halls, Youth Education and Mental Health Initiatives. UCA于2016年正式成立。了解更多关于UCA的信息,请访问:, 并在微信,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube和LinkedIn上关注UCA.