Happy 2018 Thanksgiving from UCA!

Happy Thanksgiving from UCA!


Dear Members of UCA Family,


Thanksgiving has a special place in the hearts of UCA family members, because we have so much to be thankful and grateful about each other.

Your abundant support, care and faith in UCA and its ideals have forged and sustained UCA, a growing community civic movement spearheaded by the very best and most Beautiful Chinese Americans and our Chinese American friends in UCA family who care about our community, care for UCA family, and believe in changing ourselves and the world for the better.

On this special occasion, a special appreciation for those who have attended 2018 and 2016 UCA Convention and have donated generously to UCA so that our dream shall live on.

Although we cannot gather together for the holiday, on this Thanksgiving, our gratefulness for and the sharing of our dreams with each other will keep us together and keep us strong.

Thank you, the amazing UCA family!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Warmly yours,

Haipei Shue


United Chinese Americans (UCA)