A Day Of Action in Defense of Chinese American Civil Rights by UCA

DOJ’s China Initiative runs into serious trouble and is in for an imminent review and revamp by DOJ and White House, due to the growing outrage and converging demand by the academics, civil rights organizations, Chinese American community, Members of Congress, and dissenting law enforcement professionals. UCA decided to launch a Day Of Action designed just in time to put more pressure on the Federal government to take course correction promptly.  

On January 12, a dead cold winter day, scores of local Chinese community members in DC area gathered in front of DOJ’s main office building, protesting the mistreatment of Chinese American scientists by the federal law enforcement, and demand that DOJ stop its 3 year old China Initiative, as it is being practiced. The event was reported by Fox News, AP and Yahoo News. Here is Fox News coverage:

Justice Department pressured to end China Initiative aimed at targeting espionage | Fox News 

Carrying the portraits of 9 victims, by Federal law enforcement, going back to Wen Ho Lee, and shouting “Chinese Americans are Americans”, “Science is Global”, “Stop Profiling Chinese Americans”, “Salute the Contribution of Chinese American Scientists” and “End China Initiative”, these Chinese community protesters have made Federal government hear their voice and demand, highlighting the growing outrage at China Initiative. 

Later on the same day, more than 120 people, including reporters from AP, Mother Jones, New Yorker, Science Magazine, and Times Higher Education, among other media outlets, joined UCA Press Conference for the Victims of the DOJ’s China Initiative. Here is the recording for it:


UCA President Haipei Shue began the event with opening remarks stressing the uniqueness of this event: so many victims and witnesses of China Initiative gathered in one single session and spoke up against government despite lingering fear. Congresswoman Judy Chu and Congressman Ted Lieu each gave a powerful talk demanding the government to treat Chinese Americans equally. They are followed by Phil Lomonaco, Dr. Anming Hu’s defense lawyer, Jamie Satterfield, the reporter for local Knoxville News, and Wendy Chandler, a member of jury who disagreed with government’s story. They all shared their personal views on the trial and China Initiative. Two victims under China Initiative, Dr. Anming Hu, professor at University of Tennessee, and Dr. Qing Wang, former senior researcher at the Cleveland Clinic, have talked in very personal detail how government has mistreated them. The event ended with an emotional and passionate call by Ms Hong Peng, wife of Prof Tao waiting for trial in March, 2022, to end China Initiative.