2018 Chinese American Convention Online Fundraising Drive


August 6th, 2018.  Washington, DC

Today, UCA is launching its once a year online tax-deductible fundraising drive for the 2018 Chinese American Convention and UCA operating fund for 2019.

Thanks to our passionate members and friends all over the country, our community had a great inaugural Chinese American Convention in 2016. Since its incorporation in 2017, UCA has grown to be a national federation with 7 chapters, over 14 community partners and many more members. We have since led several nationwide initiatives and projects, positively impacting our community and elevating her standing in the larger society.

Now, UCA has entered into its most critical second year and the most critical second Convention, which is only about 50 days away. Please consider generously giving the Convention and UCA a helping hand! It will be one of the best investments you have ever made: a lifeline to make sure our children and our community will have a better future! Thank you so much for your generosity and your trust in us!

Today, we start the fundraising drive with a goal of raising $100,000, and with a special promotion: 1) if you donate $500 or more now, you will become a UCA lifetime member plus one free hotel night at the Convention (all hotel free nights for the promotion are non-transferable); 2) if you donate $1,000 or more now, you will become a UCA founding member plus two free hotel nights at the Convention; if you donate $2,500 or more now, you will become a UCA founding member plus three hotel nights at the Convention and one free Convention registration; if you donate $5,000 or more now, you will become a UCA founder plus three hotel nights, two free registrations, and the benefits associated with being a $5,000 level Convention sponsor. You will need to book the Convention hotel room by yourself and UCA will reimburse you for the hotel room night(s) you have booked when you go to the Convention.

For donor and sponsor benefits, please refer to the table . Contact information: for sponsorship, please email lily.chen@ucausa.org; for donor & member services and hotel related inquiries, please email: info@ucausa.org.


How to make a donation:

1) Online donation and payment via PayPal: info@u-c-a.org or info@ucausa.org; by credit card/debit card: https://ucausa.org/our-supporters/donate-to-uca/

2) Check donation: make check payable to United Chinese Americans (UCA) and mail the check to: 1050 Connecticut Ave NW. Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036. Please write your email address on the memo line of your check

3) Stock/brokerage account donation: please contact Yan Bellantoni at ybella88@gmail.com

4) Wire transfer donation: please contact: Dr. Ray Liang, Treasurer, treasurer@ucausa.org

UCA is a non-profit, non partisan 501 (c) (3) organization, with Tax ID: #82-1111498.

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