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Thank you for joining us at 2018 Chinese American Convention!

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Dear Fellow Chinese Americans:

Welcome to 2018 Chinese American Convention!

In 2016 we had our historic inaugural Chinese American Convention in DC. In less than two years, UCA has become a multi-chapter, multi-partner nationwide federation, amid a passionate UCA community seeking to serve, lead and inspire a civic movement for change.

For this Convention, we bring together an amazing array of speakers, panelists, and you, to converse on a broad range of topics: 

  • US-China trade war,
  • affirmative action in education,
  • Chinese American civic and political movement,
  • Chinese American Interactive Heritage Map,
  • non-profit fundraising,
  • adopted children from China,
  • Asian American mental health,
  • how to maintain a civil dialogue among dissenting views.

Above all, we will shape a common agenda to strengthen our community in the age of pluralistic society.

Life is short. We all want to maximize the value and meaning of our Chinese American life. What is the better way to realize your vision and dream than finding yourself among many like-minded and passionate friends for a great shared cause and lasting friendship?

Remember, be the change you want to see in this world!

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting Convention!

Haipei Shue


Xiaoyan Zhang Ph.D


Through the UCA convention, I learned that many people from other ethnic groups have done so much in their communities such as Black, Hispanic, Jewish but not much done from Asian or Chinese Community. Their activities or involvement are not necessarily at high levels but their everyday’s life. Those include school volunteering, community service and development, charity work and etc. when I came home, I shared my experience at the convention with my wife and told her that I should do something by leveraging capacity and experience to serve my local community )besides Chinese Community I have served since I came to the states). She actually learned the school board opportunity and believed that it is a good fit for me in terms of my passion and experience. I had no second thought but filed the application and started my campaign since then. I didn’t worry about much if I win or not but put 120% energy on it and won the primary and eventually the general. I am not a competitive person and usually would like to hide from the public. If I can do it, I think most of my Chinese fellows can do!” Jianguo Sun, President of Milwaukee Chinese Community Center, Elmgrove School Board member of Wisconsin

I attended the UCA Convention in 2016 and got to meet with many like-minded leaders from around the U.S. and learn how they helped their local communities in making the Chinese American voice strong in the mainstream society. I made friends with a number of fine individuals that I would later often consult with in building my organizations and helping my community. Most importantly, I developed a sense of belonging via the event and felt empowered knowing that many of us are working together on many causes as united Chinese Americans. Vincent Wang, Chair, Board of Directors, Ohio Chinese American Association

I must confess I had no great expectations what UCA would do for “me” if I went to the UCA 2016 Inaugural Convention meeting as it did involve time and money.a Like most Chinese: I believed in [各家自掃門前雪]. That was my original mindset. However, once I first saw so many of “my people” gathering together in one location, telling us their stories, their involvements in both local and national politics, I couldn’t help but being inspired, challenged and became ‘baptized’ , and a new outlook of my life was born. I felt for the first time that we Chinese, must energize together, raise our political conscientiousness to a higher ground, fight for our rights, justify the wrongs, unite our power and MAKE our voice heard. Dr Sun 孫中山先生,or Gandhi, started the movements to change a nation’s destiny, but they needed the rest of the people to unite and fight for the final change. Now, the UCA, the united voice for our voices, needs every one of us to support, to nurture and to empower it by us. 有錢出錢,有力出力。 UCA is “us” and us become UCA. This is just the beginning, the germination of a seed that becomes the tree that bears fruits for years to come. The Hispanics, the African Americans, the Jewish folks, to name a few, have already established their foundations in many local and national politics, and so must we too. I am going to UCA again, and expect to learn, be challenged and be inspired. One final word for the undecided: please just [go] and you would be a different person. I promise.  Dr. William Wan, MD, DDS. Chicago, IL