Weiyang Xie

PhD, Psychologist Consultant, RWJF Clinical Scholar Fellow

Weiyang Xie is a licensed psychologist and health services provider in psychology. Dr. Xie holds a doctoral degree from the Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology Program at the University of Minnesota. She is currently working as a clinical psychologist at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. Her clinical expertise includes multicultural counseling, counseling with immigrants and international students, applied positive psychology, mood disorders, suicide prevention and intervention, and biofeedback for anxiety and stress related issues. Dr. Xie serves as a consulting psychologist for the United Chinese Amercians (UCA) Youth Development Program to promote Asian American youths’ mental health and parent-child relationships. She is the presenter of TEDx speech “Rewire your Brain for Self-Compassion” which discusses strategies to develop resilient thinking patterns to prevent mental health issues and improve psychological well-being.