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We are in a historic crisis and our community is under siege on many fronts. For nearly four years, UCA has led the fight, like few others, to defend your civil rights and freedom, especially those of Chinese American scientists and academics. UCA has fought hard in US court to keep the Chinese students stay in US during the pandemic and for you to be able to continue using WeChat with your family in China; UCA has invested a lot into the next generation, whether it is about their mental health, or providing them internship, or training their leadership. From Congressional hallway, to US courtroom, to community center, UCA is fiercely fighting for our fragile democracy, our hard-earned rights and our children’s future.

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You are not alone.
Asian Americans account for close to 7% of the entire US population and are the fastest growing group. However, Asian American history is not reflected in current K-12 education. At the college level, Asian American Studies courses are only available in a small number of schools. This lack of representation negatively impacts public opinion and perpetuates biases toward Asian Americans.

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