Our Team Members

Jinliang Cai

Jinliang Cai 蔡金良 was born in Beijing, China. He came to the USA as a student in 1986 and has lived in Pittsburgh and Memphis. He has been actively engaged in community organizations for many years including Organization of Chinese Americans Pittsburgh Chapter, Greater Memphis United Chinese Association, Memphis Chinese Language School, Memphis In May Festival, Chinese Historical Society in Memphis, Tennessee Chinese  American Alliance, and United Chinese Americans. 

Jinliang Cai is an at large  UCA board member and currently serves as UCA Chairman. 

Jing (Gene) Chang

Jing (Gene) Chang 常劲 was born in China. He went to Peking University in 1986.  In 1990, he came to the United States to study. In 1993, he got his BS degree in Physics from University of San Francisco.  In 1996, he got his MBA degree from Columbia Graduate School of Business. Gene is currently a Managing Director/COO of Himalaya Capital, a multi-billion-dollar value investing firm based in Seattle. He is an Honorary Chairman of Chinese CEO Organization. He serves on the board of Seattle Public Library Foundation and Peking University Alumni Association (Global).

Gene Chang is an large board member and currently serves as the Chair of UCA Board Fundraising Committee.

Chyanne Chen

Chyanne Chen 陈晓燕 is  an educator and community activist, commits to fight for a more equitable world. Chyanne is on the board of San Francisco Progressive Association; and she was on the board of Ameson Education Foundation and co-founded the Ameson Year in China Program which had sent over 300 US Education Ambassadors to China.

Chyanne Chen is an large UCA board member and currently also serves as a team member at the Executive Team.

Jason Dong

Jason Dong 董校铭 is the president of United Chinese Association of Utah, has been very active in Chinese, Asian and multicultural communities for the past many years. He had served on numerous boards and committees at local, state and national levels. Jason has been a driving force to make differences in many cultural and heritage events specifically in Utah. Jason started his career in the software industry. He has been an evangelical thought leader in several areas including software engineering, security, AI and machine learning, and held patents in networking and security areas. He graduated from Peking University in China and Ohio University in Ohio.

Jason Dong is an UCA board member, serves as a representative of UCA community partner. 

Paul Li

Paul Li 李秋波 is the founder of Calvin J Li Memorial Foundation, whose mission is to help bridge the cultural gap between Asian immigrant parents and their American-born children, raise the awareness of emotional wellbeing of the children, and promote a supportive social and family environment for the children to reach their full potential. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for United Chinese Americans, and Chinese Culture and Community Service Center (CCACC). Paul is also the founder of FHL Investment Management Company, serving investment needs for individuals and institutions. Previously he was a partner and senior equity analyst at Brown Advisory, a Baltimore-based investment management company. Paul obtained his Ph. D and MBA from Cornell University, a Master’s degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and A Bachelor’s degree from Wuhan University. Paul came to the US in 1991 from China. He now lives with his wife and daughter in Rockville Maryland.

Paul Li is an at large UCA board member, also serves as the Chair of Chinese American Convention Committee at the Executive Team.

Hardy Li

Hardy Li 黎观城 is the Chairman of CONPAC Group, an engineering, architectural, real estate development, farming, and manufacturing conglomerate based in the US PNW.  Formerly working for two of the leading international engineering firms, Hardy managed over 50 major public infrastructure projects including 16 light rail and streetcar projects throughout the States and Central America. Hardy has involved in community services for over 2 decades.  He is the founding member of UCA, currently Chairman of the Board of UCA Washington.  He served as 2 term presidents of the Chinese Friendship Association of Portland; is Chairman of the Portland Chinese (Golf) Open.  

Hardy Li is an at large UCA board member and also serves as a team member at the Executive Team. 

Winston Lee

Winston Lee 李伟 is an active entrepreneur who has founded and got deeply involved in several different companies and non-profit organizations. Winston Lee graduated from Florida State University with a Master’s degree of Computer Science. Winston and his wife Huaqi have three wonderful kids. Nini, Brian and Franklin. He is also a board member of Redmond Rotary club and assistant Boy Scoutmaster of Troop 557 in Redmond, WA. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, golfing, and community services. 

Winston Lee is an UCA board member, serves as the representative of UCA WA Chapter.  

Ray Liang

Ray Liang 梁瑞鳳 Dr. Ray Liang  is the managing director of an NSF-sponsored composites research center at West Virginia University. A graduate of Tsinghua University, he received his PhD degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Chemistry and worked there as a professor prior to moving to the United States. Dr. Liang attended the Inaugural UCA Convention 2016 and co-organized the 2nd Convention 2018. He was one of the key founding board members of UCA, who established UCA Finance and served as treasurer since its incorporation and till Dec 2021. 

Ray Liang is an at large UCA board member. 

Bonnie Liao

Bonnie Liao 廖冰 is the founder of two nonprofit schools and two nonprofit summer programs. She has served as the general advisor since 2004 for the PCE (Parents and Children Education) Club, a parenting group in New Jersey. Bonnie has been giving EQ Parenting talks and conducting youth leadership trainings nationwide. Her professional interest is mental and behavioral health for youth and families. As a graduate of Peking University, Bonnie also has a PhD degree in Physics from University of Houston and an MBA in Finance and Managing Information Systems from Rutgers University. In 2019, she became a licensed social worker in clinical psychological counseling. 

Bonnie is an at large UCA board member.

Steven Lin

Steven Lin 林青 born in May 29,1976 in Lianjiang County, Fujian Province, and moved to the United States in 1999. Steven Engages in the foodservice and financial industry, and contracted with Huntsville Hospital, as a chef and business owner for ten years. At present, resides in Huntsville, Alabama, and became a board member of the Huntsville Chinese Association (HCA) in 2014 before achieving the position of President of the board in 2018. 

Steven Lin is an at large UCA board member. 

Shirley Ma

Shirley Ma 馬曉红 born in Shenyang Liaoning, China. She moved to the USA in 1995.  She has demonstrated herself as a dedicated community volunteer and leader.  Shirley joined the UCA national board in 2017 and has been an active and dedicated founding member of this organization. She has been serving as the Secretary of the Board and leading the committee of UCA Donors and Members Services.  She has been the key member supporting UCA national operations and programs, UCA conventions and local outreaching activities, UCA donor database management  and donor following up services. She now is a senior scientist working in the area of drug development for cancer immune-therapy in the SF Bay Area after her Master’s degree study in SFSU in 2000. Shirley received her medical education in China Medical University in 1991. 

Shirley Ma is an at large UCA board member, she is the secretary of UCA board,  and also serves as the Chair of Members  and Donors Services Committee at the Executive Team. 

Steven Pei

Steven Pei 白先慎 is an Electrical Engineering Professor, the Executive Director of the Southwest Public Safety Technology Center founded by the Congress and a member of the faculty senate at the University of Houston. He was born in Guilin and grew up in Taiwan. Prior to joining academia, he was a department head at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ. In Houston, he co-founded the first Asian American PAC in Texas in 2000 and served as its president. He was also a member of the founding boards of several APA and environmental organizations including the founding chair of United Chinese Americans.  

Steven Pei is an at large UCA board member, the Chair of UCA Governance Committee. 

Hong Qiu

Hong Qiu 丘红 is an IT technologist at a global banking and financial service company.  She holds a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the Ohio State University. Dr. Qiu is passionate about community service and is devoted to the local community. She has been a longtime volunteer at her local school district, promoting a positive Asian community image, and connecting the Chinese community to the City and the school district.  Dr. Qiu works tirelessly to develop youth into leaders of tomorrow. She leads the successful APAPA Ohio Youth program through Ohio, where youth are civically engaged early, through youth chapter and summer internship.  

Hong Qiu is an UCA board member, serves as the representative of UCA community partner. 

Yinong Shen

Yinong Shen 沈一农 is a technical expert in a US automobile manufacturer. Yinong has acted in various capacities in community organizations. Yinong Shen served as a board member of a local Chinese school for a long time, and many years as its chairman. The school was served by many volunteers that ran a clean and efficient operation that served the community well. He was elected to the board of the Chinese Association of Greater Detroit where He worked in various special events, by-laws, non-profit filing, business development, etc. He has served as a UCA board member, in the election subcommittee, governance committee, bylaw working group, etc. 

Yinong Shen is an at large UCA board member, UCA Treasurer& Chair of Finance Committee and Vice Chair of UCA Governance Committee.

Helen Shih

Helen Shih 施惠伦 Dr. Helen Shih is a life coach, leadership mentor, and community organizer in the greater Houston area, Texas. She has been an active member of Chinese and Asian communities on local and national levels. Her non-profit experiences cover public education, environmental advocacy, and civic engagement. She is also an accomplished medical physicist in cancer therapy and medical imaging, and a recognized holistic health specialist in the nation (DrHelenShih.com). She has led several important developments in the UCA community, including UCA convention, student internship, youth mental health, civic outreach, civil rights protection and anti-racism movement.  

Helen Shih is an at large UCA board member. 

Haipei Shue

Haipei Shue 薛海培 came to America for a graduate study of sociology in 1987. He has been socially and politically engaged in the Chinese American community since 1990. In early 90’s he was one of the “student lobbyists” responsible for the passage of “Chinese Student Protection Bill”; he lobbied the Congress in mid 90’s for granting China Most Favored Nation (MFN) trade status; from 2009 to 2013, he led and is instrumental in the passing of Congressional apology resolutions for “Chinese Exclusion Act”.

Haipei Shue is an at large UCA board member and UCA President. 

Shuiwen Song James

Shuiwen Song James 宋智达, Dr. Zhida Song-James  is a hydrologist/hydraulic engineer.  She had served leadership roles in multiple nationwide programs in her professional field and held memberships in the federal cross-agency expert teams for decades. Dr. Song-James has volunteered in broad areas. She was a member of the AWRA Diversity Committee and served more than a decade in financial teams of faith-based organizations.  Since 2009, she has directed the Rural Youth Science Camp program in the Science and Education Society.  The program has involved a thousand volunteers, held 95 Summer Camps, and reached out to more than 10000 needed students.  In recent years, Dr. Song-James devoted her efforts to advocating and educating Chinese American history and contributions to the Chinese American community and the general public.

Shuiwen Zhida Song is an at large UCA board member. 

Venghan “Winnie” Tang

Venghan “Winnie” Tang 鄧詠嫻 is a  community Advocate, for over 25 years, Winnie serves the Chinese, Asian and the community-at-large in South Florida and beyond, with various leadership roles.  She organizes programs from youth to elders for social & civic activities, to advocate on their behalf and to enable access to a comprehensive network of culturally sensitive & linguistically appropriate programs & services to enhance their quality of life.   In 2021, Winnie started another new milestone: to produce and host the first-ever Asian-operated bilingual radio show – ACE Talk – to promote dialogue exchanges with a unified voice to encourage active civic engagement and to enrich community experiences in South Florida and beyond.

Winnie Tang is an at large UCA board member. 

Alex Wang

Alex Wang 王滕 is the founder and President of Tana Investment Group based in California, with subsidiaries along the West Coast of the US conducting equity investments, debt investments, brokerage services and technology services within the real estate industry. In addition, he is actively involved in causes that address environmental issues, sustainability, better opportunities for education through his work as investor to companies, board member and donor to nonprofits and charities. He studied engineering although never pursued an engineering career.

Alex Wang is an at large UCA board member. 

Hua Wang

Hua Wang 王华 Dr. Hua Wang’s professional experience has spanned academia, government and industry. He is currently a faculty member and an administrator at Boston University. He was a research scientist with United Technologies Research Center, a faculty member with Duke University, and a program manager with the U.S. Army Research Office. He was a recipient of various professional awards, an author of numerous technical publications and has served on many editorial and conference boards. He has been active in serving the community – local and beyond. He is the President of the Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL) and serves on the boards of Lexington Historical Society and Cary Memorial Library Foundation. He was a founding board member of the Community Endowment of Lexington (CEL) and served in the past two superintendent search committees. Beyond Lexington, he serves on the national board of UCA and as President of UCA-MA. He is also the founding Co-chair of New England Chinese American Alliance (NECAA).

Hua Wang is an UCA board member and serves as the representative of UCA MA Chapter. He currently serves as the Chair of UCA Public Policy Committee.

Jan (Jian) Xie

Jan (Jian) Xie 解健  is the Founder and President of Asian Culture and Education Society USA (ACAESUSA).  President of OCA-DFW.  Secretary of Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC). Board Director of UCA and ACP. She had been the part time consultant at Texas A&M university and Destination Imagination Dallas Region Challenge Master . Treasurer of GENDAP and NTAPA. Jan is certified as the Texas Community Health Worker. She holds the Executive certification in Nonprofit Governance from The University of Texas at Dallas. Jan is a freelance Photographer and Videographer. 

Jan Xie is an at large UCA board member and also serves as a member at UCA Executive Team.

Gary Yu

Gary Yu 俞国梁 is the founder and chairman of Boston International Media Consulting Inc and Boston Asian Radio & TV Station, president of North America Hangzhou Association. president of North America Nanning Association. president of APAPA Boston chapter. Has worked as a reporter for Sing Tao Daily, World Journal and other media.

Gary Yu is an at large UCA board member and also serves as a team member of UCA Executive Team. 

Xiaoyan Zhang

Xiaoyan Zhang 张小彦 Dr. Zhang is an entrepreneur, data scientist, and activist. He was the CEO of KIT Solutions® LLC and appointed by the U.S. Secretary Health to serve on the National Advisory Council for NIDA between 2007 and 2010. Dr. Zhang advocates for political participation of the AAPI community and has published many articles on civic engagement.

Xiaoyan Zhang  is an at large UCA board member. 

Yingchao Zhang

Yingchao Zhang 张迎潮 Dr. Yingchao Zhang has been deeply involved in local public and community services in New Jersey.  He is a former BOE Member of WW-P Regional School District, and a former Councilman for West Windsor, New Jersey.  He served as the Board President of Central Jersey Chinese American Association.  He was twice Board Chair for HUAXIA Plainsboro Chinese School. Professionally, he is an experienced technology executive, currently a partner and Global Head of Solutioning for Singularity Systems Inc.  He obtained his PhD in physics from Stony Brook University.  He got his B.S. from the University of Science and Technology of China.

Yingchao Zhang  is an at large UCA board member. 

Lily Chen

Lily Chen 陈健 is a Nurse Educator and passionate community organizer.  She successfully coordinated multiple national and local programs including the UCA Youth Mental Health Collaborative WAVES (Wellness, Advocacy, Voices, Education, Support) since 2016, and served on steering committees on 2016 and 2018 Chinese American conventions in her capacity as the UCA previous executive director and founding president of UCA Illinois Chapter. She is a Robert Woods Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Clinical Scholar fellow, and currently teaches at North Carolina Central University.  She also serves as the vice chair of the Senior Advisory Board for the town of Cary, North Carolina. She is married with five wonderful adult children.

Lily Chen is the Director of UCA WAVES Program, a Senior Advisor of UCA Executive Team

Vicky Cheng

Vicky Cheng 程以克 is a senior IT professional with over 30 years’ experience, an author of 20+ Children books for pre-teen published in China and USA, the chief editor of “It’s My Book, which is the first Chinese Guided Reading series” published Level 1-8 in the USA.  She is also a host of Dr. Zhang DaoLong’s talk show series on Popular Psychology/Personality Disorders. Vicky has engaged local Chinese community activities as one of key persons to help the management of several large-scale concerts/performances in Chicagoland.

Vicky Cheng is a member of UCA Executive Team.

Changfu Chang

Changfu Chang (常昌富) is a U.S.-based award-winning filmmaker, who has directed or produced a dozen acclaimed documentaries including The Invisible Red Thread, The Confucius Village, Ricki’s Promise, and Meet Me On The Bridge. His decades-long film series on international adoption explores a broad range of issues surrounding Chinese culture, politics, and international transracial adoption. Changfu’s films have been aired on major television networks such as PBS, National Geographic Television, and the BBC. Leading media outlets including The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal have covered his work.

Changfu Chang is a member at UCA Executive Team, he serves as the Communication Committee Director.

Xinyi He

Xinyi He 何心仪 is Chinese Communication Manager in UCA, she completed a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Culture at Indiana University and worked as a reporter in Washington D.C. for five years. Xinyi focuses more about Sino-America relations and Chinese Americans’ civil rights. She wants to increase the participation of Chinese American in U.S. politics and reduce Asian discrimination and racial profiling. Xinyi speaks fluently English and Chinese Mandarin.

Xinyi Her is  a staff  member at UCA Executive Team, UCA Chinese Communication Manager.

Laura Liu

Laura Liu 刘颖 is a community volunteer and advocate for education equity and AAPI representation. She serves as the President of Parents and Children Education Club (PCE Club), an organization serving thousands of Chinese American families to promote holistic education, positive identity development and mental health. She also serves on the Board of the Scarsdale Public Library and several school committees in her local community and promotes multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion. Her work at UCA focuses on education, youth programs and communication. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Peking University and an MBA from Cornell University. She lives in Westchester County, NY with her husband and three teenage sons.

Laura Liu is a member at UCA Executive Team. 

Hong Qi

Hong Qi 齐虹 was an assistant professor at Beijing Language University. In 1988 she came to the US to continue her education. In 1992 Hong Qi started working for the Washington State government, managing the statewide language testing and certification program. In 2006 Hong moved to the Seattle area and started working for King County Elections as a program coordinator. For many years, Hong has served as a leader of many nonprofit organizations in Washington State, including the president of Seattle-Chongqing Sister City Association. Currently, Hong is the program director of UCA, focusing on developing and managing UCA youth programs and training programs, and the secretary of United Chinese Americans of Washington.

Hong Qi  is a staff  member at UCA Executive Team, she serves as the Operations Director of UCA.


Juan Zhang

Juan Zhang 张娟 Juan Zhang is a journalist.  Her reporting focuses on news and developments in the Chinese American community and events that impact the community. Outside of her professional work, she likes to spend time with families, hiking, watching cooking shows and history documentaries.

Juan Zhang is a member at UCA Executive Team.