Political Engagement

Defending Civil Rights, Protecting Community Interest


From day one of its inception, UCA has taken defending civil rights as another of its high priorities. UCA has been a national leader in helping and defending Sherry Chen and Xiaoxing Xi, two Chinese American scientists who were falsely charged with espionage related crimes. UCA has also come to the help of Xiyue Wang and his family, a PhD student of Princeton University, who was put in jail on trumped up charges by Iranian government. From organizing a coalition of 14 national Asian American organizations to repudiate FBI Director Wray’s troubling statement, to exposing unlawful profiling by government, to advocating reform for FISA during its reauthorization, to fighting the latest reincarnation of China paranoid, UCA has been unabashedly a national leader, fighting to protect and advance our community’s common interest.

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