Dr. Xiaoyan Zhang Bio


Xiaoyan Zhang, Ph.D.


A Brief Bio

Dr. Zhang is a visiting professor at School of Social Work, University of Pittsburgh. He leads the development of a new doctoral level curriculum “Data Science Applications in Human Services”. He is also the principle investigator (PI) for two NIH funded grants; “Prevention

Economic Impact Model (PEIM)” and “Demand Reduction Smart Tool for Analysis and Research (STAR)”. Dr. Zhang retains his role of chairman of the board and data scientist for Mosaix Software Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA. Between 1996 and 2014, he served as CEO of KIT Solutions® LLC., a company provides web-based grantee performance management service empowering government and social service organizations to effectively manage social services and measure accountability, performance and outcomes.

Dr. Zhang has been collaborating with several Chinese research institutions and government agencies in education and public health since 2014; including China CDC, Collaborative Innovation Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, a key national laboratory at Zhenjiang University, and National Institute of Educational Sciences in Beijing, China.

Dr. Zhang is the recipient of NPN (National Prevention Network) 2007 Award of Excellence. He served on the National Advisory Council for NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) between 2007 and 2010. He was a finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia (2008). He was also selected by Pittsburgh Smart Business magazine for the Pace Setter award in 2010.

Personal Statement

I am honored to serve as a member of the UCA national board. I would like to (1) serve on Mentorship group and (2) to lead the effort of developing a Chinese American well-being index to support UCA mission.

As a Chinese American came to this great country more than 30 years ago and built my life here, I treasure the opportunity, freedom, diversity, and kindness of American people from all walks of life. However, I also recognize that there still a long way for achieving the justices, equality, and prosperity for all, including Chinese Americans, as envisioned by the founding fathers of this country, by civil rights leader Martin Luther King, and by every human being who believes in the fundamental principle of human rights. I believe the American democracy is still the best political system in the world. The best way to improve Chinese Americans status in the U.S. is to participate in every aspect of American life, including politics, and improve ourselves. In short, our mission should be: Unite Chinese Americans for justice and improvement of social economic status through active civic engagement and character building based on the best values of both Chinese and American cultures.