About the Convention

2018 Chinese American Convention

Sept. 27-29, 2018
Hyatt Regency Crystal City
at Reagan National Airport, Washington D.C.

2018 Convention Theme:  Strengthen Our Community, Embrace a Pluralistic Society

Hosted by United Chinese Americans (UCA), a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization , 2018 Chinese American Convention will bring the like-minded Chinese Americans together to address issues facing our fast-growing communities. The two-day conference will serve as a unique platform for the participants to learn from civic leaders and community experts, discuss commonly concerned issues, share experiences and explore opportunities to work collaboratively. The United States will be a nation without a majority race. Like all other minorities, Chinese Americans desire a multi-ethnic democracy where every race and ethnic group enjoy full participation in the political process. We must Get Ready at the Table! 

Convention Highlights

  • Debut  Interactive Chinese American Heritage Map (Click Here to access the iCAHM map and videos)
  • Present the Latest Available Data on the Well-being of Chinese Americans in Comparison to Other Asian American Groups and the General Population
  • Sessions on Civil Rights and Asian American Experiences
  • Share Chinese Americans Success Stories in Civic Engagement
  • Congressional Dinner at Capital Hill Meeting with Members of Congress
  • Community Showcase Learning the Best Practice of Community Building Programs and Initiatives

We Must Know Our Heritage, Know Our Data, Know Our Rights, and Know Our Civic Duties!

In addition, we will also have sessions on issues of particular concerns to Chinese Americans, such as youth mental health, the future of affirmative actions and college admissions, civil rights, political participation, community showcase, adopted Chinese children, spiritual life, senior care…

Featured Event —-Signing Ceremony of UCA Washington Manifesto.

Convention participants will witness this historical moment by leaving their signatures on this document which will become a permanent historical record. Please Join Us and be Part of History!

UCA proposes:

Protecting differences while seeking common interests (护异寻同). Journey Together from sojourners (过客) to citizens!