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UCA is a leading nationwide non profit federation of Chinese American organizations and individual citizens across fifty states. It connects, enables, enriches and elevates the diverse Chinese American communities at local, state, national, and international levels. UCA strives to create a community of compassion, public service, shared heritage, civic engagement, Continue Reading

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各位关心和支持UCA的朋友们, 自从2017年成立以来,UCA努力奋发,进入正式运行。UCA开拓和实施了多个对华人社区有长远影响的项目(详情请看,以促进公民社会参与、增强和保护社区利益及权利、传承弘扬传统文化及培养青少年成长等。 感谢您以主人翁精神和服务、奉献、关爱原则,为我们的后代铺垫一个美好的将来。UCA代表所服务的社区、群体,对您所给予的慷慨支持表示衷心感谢!   Donor Privileges   [table id=priv /] There are two ways to make a donation: By Check Payable to “UCA (United Chinese Americans)”.  Write your email on the “Memo” line. Mail to: 8/F. 910 17th. St NW, Washington DC 20006 Online Or specify Note: Those donate $45 Continue Reading