United Chinese Americans (UCA)

Board of Directors


At-large Directors, as Elected on April 12, 2018; Officers, as Elected on April 22, 2018

Chinese Name English Name City State Justification Role
蔡金良 Jinliang Cai Memphis TN At Large BOD
常劲 Gene Chang Los Angeles CA At Large BOD
陈健 Lily Chen Chicago IL At Large BOD Executive Director
郭慧中 Joy Guo Minneapolis MN At Large BOD Convention Program Committee Chair
黄霦 Bin Huang West Des Moines IA Representative of UCA Chapter
姜铭涛 Mingtao Jiang Weston WI At Large BOD Fundraising Committee Chair
李晶 Jing Li Madison WI At Large BOD
李秋波 Paul Li Rochville MD At Large BOD Convention Program Committee co-Chair
梁瑞凤 Ray Liang Morgantown WV At Large BOD Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair
廖冰 Bonnie Liao Loawrenceville NJ At Large BOD
刘凌霞 Lingxia Liu Seattle WA At Large BOD
刘棘 Mary Liu Wexford PA At Large BOD
馬曉曉 Shirley Ma San Ramon CA At Large BOD Secretary, Donor/Member Services Committee Chair
白先慎 Steven Pei Houston TX At Large BOD Honorary Chairman, Board of Directors
丘红 Hong Qiu Columbus OH Representative of Community Patener
萧爱萍 Anne Shaw Chicago IL Representative of UCA Chapter
沈一农 Yinong Shen Canton MI At Large BOD Election Committee
盛晓明 Xiaoming Sheng Salt Lake City UT Representative of Community Patener
薛海培 Haipei Shue Washington DC At Large BOD President
王华 Hua Wang Boston MA Representative of UCA Chapter
温倩 Qian Wen Miami FL At Large BOD
谢超瑜 Chaoyu Xie Carmel IN At Large BOD Governance Committee Chair
颜利平 Liping Yan Los Angels CA At Large BOD
尹晓峰 Xiaofeng Yin Shanghai China At Large BOD
张小彦 Xiaoyan Zhang Wexford PA At Large BOD Chairman, Board of Directors
张迎潮 Yingchao Zhang Princeton NJ At Large BOD
张汉庭 Hanting Zhang Morgantown WV Representative of UCA Chapter
张兵 Bing Zhang Columbia MO At Large BOD
周直 Zhi Zhou Omaha NE At Large BOD

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