UCA Executive Board

Chaoyu Xie

Jinliang Cai 蔡金良, Chairman

Mr. Jinliang Cai has been actively engaged in Chinese and Asian American communities and served as board members and executive positions for a number of non-profit organizations including: Board member of Pittsburgh Chinese School (1999); Board Chair, Memphis Chinese Language School (2001); founding board member, Greater Memphis United Chinese Association (2003); founding member and president, Asian American for Tennessee Political Action Committee (present); founding member and president, Chinese Historical Society of Memphis and Mid-South (present); and board member, United Chinese Americans.

Mr. Cai graduated with a BA degree in Economics from Peking University (1986), and received a MA in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellow University (1989). He worked for US Airways, FedEx Express, and currently working for Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce as Vice President for International Business Development.

Haipei Shue

Haipei Shue 薛海培 President

Haipei Shue is a Chinese American community activist in Washington DC for decades. He has played a leadership role in passing the Congressional “Chinese Students Protection Bill” in 1992 and advocated with American business community on China trade issues. Particularly, Haipei is instrumental in and responsible for the passage of Congressional Apology Resolution on Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. In 2016 he started to mobilize Chinese American community to form United Chinese Americans (UCA) and organized the Inaugural Chinese American Convention in DC for community leaders, activists and elected officials to come together to set a common agenda and move the community forward. In addition, Haipei has worked as a commentator for Phoenix TV and was an advocate for environmental cause in China and beyond.


Ray Liang 梁瑞凤 Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair

Ray Liang is the managing director for an NSF-sponsored composites research center at West Virginia University. A graduate of Tsinghua University, he received his PhD degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Chemistry and worked there as a professor prior to joining WVU. As a Royal Society visiting fellow, he has also worked at the University of Cambridge for four years. He is the founding president of the Shanghang Hakka Association of North America (SHANA) and is also the vice president for outreach of the West Virginia Chinese Association (WVCA). He is equipped with knowledge and skills of financial control and budget planning, and has been receiving accounting and ethics certification training from the WV State Auditor’s Office biennially since 2006.

Shirley Ma

Shirley Ma 马晓红 Secretary and Donor and Member Services Committee Chair

Shirley Ma is a senior scientist of a biopharmaceutical company in California.  Before coming to the United States, Shirley had been working in an Ophthalmology Department as an eye doctor. She had been serving as the director of the youth group of APAPA TVC youth group; She organized fundraising for Lindy Li in 2015 in SF Bay Area and 2017 UCA SF lunar new year jiaozi party; Shirley is a dedicated volunteer of the UCA 2016 convention and managed all convention documents for the convention steering committee and individual donor follow-up.

Yinong Shen

Yinong Shen 沈一农 Chair of governance committee

Yinong Shen is a Technical Specialist in a US automobile manufacturer where he worked for the last 25 years. Since coming to the US in 1983 for graduate study, Yinong has acted in various capacities in community organizations, serving fellow Chinese students and Chinese Americans and beyond. For a long time, Yinong served as a board member of a local Chinese school in Michigan, and many years as the Chairman. He was elected to the board of the Chinese Association of Greater Detroit where he worked in special events, by-laws, organization development, etc.

Yinong received a BS degree from Nanjing Institute of Technology, Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

UCA Board of Directors

At-large Directors, as Elected on April 12, 2018; Officers, as Elected on April 22, 2018

Chinese Name First Name Last Name Justification Role
蔡金良 Jinliang Cai At Large Chair, Board of Directors
常劲 Gene Chang At Large
陈晓燕 Chyanne Chen At Large
董校明 Xiaoming Dong Community Partner Representative
郭慧中 Joy Guo At Large
李秋波 Paul Li At Large
李忠刚 Cliff Zhonggang Li At Large
黎观城 Hardy Li At Large
李伟 Winston Li Chapter Representative
梁瑞凤 Ray Liang At Large Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee
廖冰 Bonnie Liao At Large Chair of Bylaws Committee
林青 Steven Lin At Large
刘棘 Mary Liu At Large
马晓红 Shirley Ma At Large Secretary
白先慎 Steven Pei Non Voting Honorary Chair of Board, Vice Chair of Public Policy Committee and Chair of US-China Relations Subcommittee
丘红 Hong Qiu Community Partner Representative
萧爱萍 Anne Shaw Chapter Representative
沈一农 Yinong Shen At Large Chair of Governance Committee
施惠伦 Helen Shih At Large
薛海培 Haipei Shue At Large President
宋智达 Shuiwen Song-James At Large
孙一 Stephanie Sun At Large
邓詠娴 Winnie Tang At Large
王华 Hua Wang Chapter Representative Chair of Public Policy Committee
解健 Jan Xie At Large
俞国梁 Gary Yu At Large
张小彦 Xiaoyan Zhang At Large
张迎潮 Yingchao Zhang At Large
张汉庭 Hanting Zhang Chapter Representative