Our Mission

We, Chinese Americans, have come together to serve, lead, and inspire our communities in the local, national and international arena, thereby transforming our communities to their fullest potential.

Guided and inspired by the ideals and spirit of service, compassion, and justice for all, United Chinese Americans (UCA), the leading federation of Chinese American organizations in all fifty states, is dedicated to connect and unite the diverse Chinese American communities across the country as one big caring family and a powerful force for social progress.

We represent, defend, and advance the interest and well-being of fellow Chinese Americans, other Asian Americans, and Chinese communities in the diaspora; we aspire to bring to our members deeper meaning, personal growth and lasting friendship in a fast changing world; we aim to preserve the best values from both Chinese and American cultures so as to forge a unique Chinese American identity; we strive to contribute, repair and renew the America that we love. Looking toward the future, where the United States and China are together shaping the world’s destiny, we vow to bring the two peoples closer for a better world.


The diverse Chinese American communities and the Chinese diaspora to maximize their resources, influence, and impact.


Organizations in Chinese American communities and the diaspora so that their voices are heard and rights protected.


Communities in China, the U.S., and other parts of the world to deepen understanding and nurture global commonwealth.


Public, private, and civic sector leaders, as well as next generations for an increasingly complex world and fragile planet.


Domestic and international policies, legislation counsultancy, and best practices for the common good of Chinese Americans.


Deeper meaning and spiritual growth to Chinese Americans so that they can live an enriched life according to their values, heritage and unique identity.