Mental Health Awareness Initiative Picture

Mental Health Initiative

Please join UCA in our effort to increase mental health awareness, decrease stigma, and ultimately save lives in the Asian American community. UCA is partnering with Harvard Medical School clinical experts and community grassroot leaders to develop and conduct educational conference and seminars.  Please reach out to if you’d like to partner with UCA on local programming, volunteer, or donate to this cause.

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Civic Leadership Forum (CLF)

Please join UCA in our effort to promote civic engagement in the Asian American community, to ensure our privilege and responsibility as an important contributing member of this multi-ethnic democracy.  The purpose of CLF is to inspire by sharing best practices; to empower by giving tools; to unite by connecting national experts to local grass root leaders; and to develop youth leaders.  Please reach out to if you’d like to partner with UCA on local programming, volunteer, or donate to this cause.

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iCAHM Picture

Interactive Chinese American Heritage Map (iCAHM)

Please join UCA in our effort to celebrate Asian American achievements, explore our heritage, and learn from the history.  Please click the link below and fill out the form to help us collect, validate, organize, and present Chinese American historical events and cultural heritage using visual analytic technology.  Completed map will be deployed over the Internet for free access by UCA members and the general public.  Please reach out to if you’d like to volunteer or donate to this project.

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MIA Picture

Chinese American Remember

Chinese and Chinese Americans will never forget those young Americans who sacrificed their life to help China against Japanese agrees ion. The suffering, sacrifice and ultimate triumph over Japan by China and US are intimately intertwined with each other, providing a heroic human story for generations to appreciate and remember. This program is designed to immortalize such sacred memory, pay tribute to those heroes and their families, and help bring peace and prosperity between the United States and China.

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UCA Lunar New Year Jiaozi Party and Charitable Giving Initiative

On lunar new year, UCA invites all Chinese American communities to celebrate this most important holiday all over the country.  We do it to keep the tradition alive and pass the heritage onto the next generation; we do it with our charitable works and public service programs in different communities; we do it as a powerful reminder that ours is an immigrant society, with immigrants having a lot to share and offer to make our society a truly dynamic and diverse society that we all could be proud of.