Mission Statement

United Chinese Americans 美國華人聯合會 (UCA) is a nationwide nonprofit and nonpartisan federation and civic movement, inspired and dedicated to enriching and empowering Chinese American communities through civic engagement, political participation, heritage sharing, youth development and a greater understanding between US and China for the well-being of all Americans and this world.

Serve • Lead • Inspire
服务 • 引领 • 激励

Board of Directors


Chairman, Board of Directors
Xiaoyan Zhang 张小彦

Haipei Shue 薛海培

Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair
Ray Liang 梁瑞凤

Secretary and Donor and Member Services Committee Chair
Shirley Ma 马晓红

Governance Committee Chair
Chaoyu Xie 谢超瑜

Honorary Chairman, Board of Directors
Steven Pei 白先慎

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Executive Team

Executive Director
Lily Chen 陈健

Program Committee Chair
Joy Guo 郭慧中

Fundraising Committee Chair
Mingtao Jiang 姜铭涛

Communication Committee Chair
Mary Liu 刘棘

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