Celebrating Heritage

Heritage, identity, and Chinese American way of life are a big part of what UCA stands for. UCA has a range of programs in this area, from Interactive Chinese American Heritage Map to Transcontinental Railroad Memorial Projects. UCA believes that in a pluralistic society such as ours, each culture or ethnic community offers something unique to enhance the beauty and strength of America.

Asian Americans (PBS)

Asian Americans Documentary

PBS created a monumental documentary series named Asian Americans that consists of 5 parts, which became an instant hit. Upon approval by PBS, UCA joined a collaborated effort to translate it. It took 30 volunteers over two month period to translate the 5-hour documentary into Chinese and add the subtitles to the film. The videos are hosted on UCA’s YouTube channel.

Golden Spike Festival

Chinese American Remembrance Day

On May 6, 1882, “The Chinese Exclusion Act” became the law of the land. As the only law in U.S. history excluding an entire race, it also denied Chinese-Americans their civil and democratic rights, resulting in the lives of second class citizen from the year 1882 to 1942. At its core, this seminal event, in addition to the labor of the Chinese Labor of Transcontinental Railroad, defines who we are as Chinese- Americans today.

Charitable Lunar New year Initiative

Since 2017 its inception, UCA has launched “Chinese Lunar New Year Initiative” to instill and enhance charitable giving and public service spirit to the traditional holiday celebration. Over 600 people from Chicago and San Francisco enjoyed making Jiaozhi together, and donating foods and money to local food banks and other charities. The event was highlighted by mainstream media such as American Broadcasting Company (ABC).


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