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29 Replies to “Org. Letter on Opposition to H.R.1044 / S.386”

  1. Hi, this is from EB5 Association of Investors. Most of our members are Chinese EB5 investors and parents of current U.S university students. We are in a more than 30 years backlog and many of our kids will be aged out soon. We need S.386 to pass urgently . Also, we have anlysed data carefully and found that S.386 can benefit all EB category immigrants from China.

    As we are all Chinese, we hope you can stop the sibling-killing compaign, stop opposing this bill and support the pass of the S.386/H.R.1044 bill.

    1. Calling all Asian Americans to show up tomorrow morning 9am Thursday 9/26 Eastern Time in DC to support Senator Durbin to block bill S386.
      【Venue】Hart Senate Office Building:120 Constitution Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

    2. Green cards are not the final destinations. Our population in this country MATTERS. Current EB5 PD is 2014. If this bill passes, those PD in 2014 and 2015 migh be expidated. NOT all EB5. Mine will be expidated too, but I am still against this bill. Because it means that even I get a green card faster, our population will decreases dramatically. So are our rights in this country. Why would you wanna be bullied politically just to get green card a bit faster?

  2. From my heart I believe that the H.R. 1044/S. 386 is not a fair solution and risks further problems, such as creating what the State Department has referred to as a “monopoly” of the green card process for one group of nationals and eliminate any diversity from the process.

  3. I am so proud and happy to see UCA’s efforts to unite and lead in this effort. You are doing the right thing for greater America, not only just Chinese. Thank you! You have my full respecto and support now.

  4. I am against S386/hr1044 because it is unfair for
    The rest 194 countries and it will dramatically hurt American universities and international talents. It takes American tech workers jobs by introducing the outsourcing companies! It ruins gender/racial diversity. It is so complicated and needs to go through public hearing

  5. Please post it on your official twitter/facebook account.

    Also, your letter comes too late. Indian supremacists have infiltrated the senate. Why you only post this letter one night before unanimous voting?

  6. Please stop H.R. 1044/S. 386!!!

    This bill is very misleading in the name. It tries to establish a total unfairness to US workers in the name of its so-called “fairness”.

    Fairness of US worker can be achieved when H1B fraud is eliminated first.

  7. please stop s386, it is Indian favor bill since Indian is abusing H1b visa, it is unfair to other countries, will destroy diversity of high skilled workers

  8. Thank you. I join all of you to strongly oppose S386 bill. The bill is not fair to all the immigrants from the 194 countries except Indian and eventually will destroy the value and future of U.S.A. American politicians should be aware of that.

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